Monday, March 31, 2014

Floral Kimono

Jeans// Levis
Earrings//Beads By Cathy

I have been dying for a kimono and something with a big floral print for my wardrobe forever, well maybe only a few months.  A week ago I was strolling the aisles of Jo-Ann's, Jeremy had given me a little fun money to burn, and I saw this fabric.  It called to me.  Seriously, the way I was drawn to it you would think that the whole store was pitch black with a spot light on this beauty.  I fell in instant love.  Like I didn't even care how much it cost.  I knew this was coming home with me.  And I knew I was making a kimono out of it.   

I had read this tutorial a while back hoping I would have a chance to use it.  And the time has finally come.   And I love it.  Seriously.  I don't want to wear anything else.  Something you should probably know about me, is I am super self conscious about my arms.  They must be covered up at all times.   And if they are not, just know that the weather is really hot.  I am the girl who wears a cardigan all summer long.  But this, it is so light weight that I wont ever have to take it off.  I am sure eventually Jeremy will have to hide it from me so I will wear something else.  This was seriously one of the easiest sewing projects I have ever done, other than my fabric being so light weight that it was hard to keep in place.  Go buy yourself a beautiful flower print fabric and get to work on your own kimono.   You will not be disappointed.  And I still have like 2 yards left over, what to make... what to make...

I have been having problems with my email, so I haven't been responding to comments lately.  I finally changed it yet again.  Hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here on out.... Also, one day I might get back to a regular blog schedule but that would mean going through all my pictures and getting caught up.  Right now that task is not sounding appealing to me, so I will stick my head in the sand a little longer.

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  1. i love that you made that kimono! I would never have guessed - it looks so good! And those booties are so cool!


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