Thursday, March 20, 2014

8 months

I started a new bible study on Tuesday, so you are probably going to be hearing a lot about it. As I was doing my homework yesterday morning, the question was asked how do you recognize God's presence in pivotal times of your life? We were to give 4 examples but one of mine really struck me. Brighton. I have mentioned it before but when I found out I was pregnant with Brighton, I had just been through 2 miscarriages. The first one, I handled pretty well. I knew God had a plan, I relied on that. The second one, it was more of a struggle. So when I saw that 3rd positive pregnancy test in 5 months, I freaked out. I asked God Why? A lot. I pleaded with Him for it not to be true. Because how could He possibly let me get pregnant again, just to lose it. Well, as always, He knew what He was doing, and we have this wonderful little girl. Even though I doubted Him, He blessed us. He gave me the strength to get through those first 12 weeks, through the constant ultrasounds and blood work. During the time when my back was hurting and I thought for sure it was happening again, He gave me courage. More importantly He gave me this little girl whom I love. She is my little fighter.  She is also getting impossible to photograph.  Happy 8 months to my little miracle.


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