Friday, February 28, 2014


What a week!  Wednesday, we had grand plans to go for a walking playdate for the mommies and a playground play date for the kiddos.  I woke up Wednesday, saw the sunny forecast, and got the kiddos dressed in their summer clothes.  Later on when I went to put the dogs out I realized it was getting chillier and the wind was starting, so I go into change the kids because we all know they are not going to understand that the weather has changed.  On our way to the bike path I see the clouds coming in, but that really doesn't mean anything in the desert.  Clouds are just a tease.   It wasn't to bad on our walk so we went forth with out plans.  I stopped to get coffee, then we went to the deli to get lunch except the deli is closed right now for remodeling.   We headed across the street to the drive through Subway, and wait 20 minutes in line.  Did I mention at this point Brighton wants to eat and isn't taking no for an answer?   We pull up to the park, while we are waiting for everyone else, I fed Brighton.   Finally get out of the car and get set up at the park.  The wind starts going crazy.  The clouds actually get a little darker.   Really!?  We tear our brokenhearted children away from the play equipment to go eat under the nice shade structure.  Lets just say it ended with sprinkles coming from the sky and I accidentally left my sun roof open.   Moral of the story, there is none.   Or maybe after reading about all our wonderful play dates you will realize I am not the person to have a play date with.  

Now I will bore you some more with an in depth explanation of my instagrams.  For the time being you can find me @savannarbennett
 mantel//waffles//count down calendar//book

My mantel-- I am still in love with it.  I just need a few things to finish it off.  To bad I need those things from a craft store a hundred miles away.  

The kids requested that I start making waffles again.

We only have 14 days until we see Aunt Hilary and Daphne!    We are going to sea world together and then she is coming to stay with us for a week.  It is really not cool when your sister moves to Italy.  

In what universe was it a good idea to read a real book around Brighton?  She already takes great pleasure in turning the pages of my book when I am reading on the iPad. 

I told Jeremy a while back that once I got back into my normal size jeans, that I was going to go out and buy a new pair of distressed jeans since my old ones bit the dust a couple of years ago.  Well, since we are trying to only leave town once a month (still hasn't happened) and we have a 1000 things to do while we are gone, I just decided to make my own.

You know those painting classes where they teach you to paint a picture?  Well we did one of those for ladies night out at church, I didn't do so hot.

My wonderful husband hid his crazy so well while we were dating.    It is okay thought because I love that crazy.

How did Eldon go from my crazy little 1 year old to this handsome 3 year old?

purse//cleaning//face time//dinner
Doesn't everyone carry 3 things of pasta in their bag?  Now you know what I have such big bags. 

The kids decided it would be fun to color all over Bristol's wall.   I didn't quite get the humor.  So I took Bristol's blanket and told her she could have it back once all the crayon was gone.  Major punishment fail.  The actually liked cleaning the wall.  

Bristol discovered how to face time with my sister this week.   

We are enjoying eating dinners outside before our wonder hundred degree weather hits.   

Pancakes//Candy Land//Cooking//Park time

Someone really liked pancakes for dinner.  

Jeremy joined the worship team at church this month, so while they are practicing I get to play candy land.  

As long as Brighton can touch me, she is happy.  

Another thing Brighton loves, the park.  This girl thinks it is the best place on earth. Even when we are having a real random cold and windy morning, random because it was no where on the weather forecast and didn't get cold and windy until we were at the park.   

and last but not least....
I am getting ready to change the blog name.  I have a few more things to fix.  But hopefully by next week I will be live @   I hope everyone who follows me here will change over to the new address.   My new email will be savanna at eleventwelveblog dot com.   

Linking up with life rearranged.  


  1. Cool blog! Your kids are so cute!

  2. I wish we could eat outside, man I hate MN sometimes. the mantel looks great.


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