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These last 2 weeks have been very emotional weeks for me.   They have been trying.  There have been great moments and there have been not so great moments but that is life for you.   And since I like to document with pictures, lets take a look back at the last 2 weeks via instagram.  You can find me @crazyrandombennetts.
Weather//Running playlist//Diapers//Clouds

 Our weather forecast isn't making me all that excited about summer.  If it is 80 degrees in February, should we expect 120 degrees all summer?

Some might find it weird that I run to worship music.   But I find that it takes my mind off the running and it really starts my day out right, with God.   I was having a really rough day Wednesday morning.  I was feeling a lot of hurt and I just couldn't shake it.  So instead I took it out on the treadmill while worshiping.  Probably the best run I have had since having Brighton.   It was freeing.

I get a lot of daily email updates, as I am sure all of you do.  There are some Jeremy probably doesn't mind me getting but he would probably prefer if I would stop getting a few like from amazon, Toms, and Cotton Babies.   I love me some cute cloth diapers.   They recently released this humming bird color and I had to scoop some up.   I can't wait to see them on stinky's bottom.

Bristol and Jeremy were off having a little daddy/daughter date, read-- give mommy a break date, so I had these 2.  Eldon did so well at the grocery store that I rewarded him with m&m's and a juice before dinner.   He also picked out his delicious and very healthy meal of hot dogs and Kraft mac n' cheese.

Teething//Hat//Bath//Music table
My little stinky.  I am still having a hard time believing that she is 7 months old.   The last couple of days she has been teething, after fighting her nap, I broke down and put her in the Beco.   


We have a serious addiction to scones.  I use a King Arthur recipe.  

I am obsessed with having my nails painted.  I usually do them every week.   And I really love experimenting with designs.  

And Jewelry.  That is another thing I love playing with.   Thankful me mother in law provides me with beautiful pieces.  

Yesterday was a pretty bad day.  I had high hopes of getting the house cleaned up so we could enjoy Jeremy's 4 day weekend but it just didn't happen.  On top of that all three kids had a pretty bad day. By the time Jeremy walked through the door all I could think about was escaping to my hair appointment.  But he told me not to come back until I needed to feed Brighton again.   So I picked up a little Chinese food and ate it in my car while parked in our garage and I then read until it was time to go in.  Just what I needed.   

So there you have it, a look at our week in pictures.  Thank you for all your kind words on my post on Wednesday.  

Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Sorry you've had a rough couple weeks. But look at all these great moments you captured! :)


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