Monday, January 27, 2014

What I Wore-- A whole lot of nothing

Top//Groop Dealz

There is something you should know about this top... I am in LOVE with it.  Like, if I could get away with wearing it every day of the week, I totally would.   I think I need it in at least 10 different colors.  You are asking yourself, why does she love it so much?  Haha, who am I kidding, no one really is asking themselves that.  I just feel like telling you why I love it so.   Because it makes my chest look smaller.  TMI???   Probably but it is the truth.  I have a rather large chest and I feel this dolman top is the perfect balance for this problem.  Yes, I said problem.   It minimizes booth my waist and chest.  Winner!

Now on to some more completely and equally boring topics. 

a few, like 3, funny things my husband has said over the week....

Jeremy, when referring to a quiet peaceful Brighton.
"Don't disturb it, its like a badger!"

When I was putting together Eldon's birthday slide show I stumbled upon a few Brighton pregnancy pictures...
Me: Man I was huge this pregnancy.  Why didn't you tell me?
Jeremy:  It is your camera, I was just taking bad pictures.

random car conversation
Jeremy:  what day am I calling in sick this week?
Me:  are you not feeling good?
Jeremy: my trucks aren't feeling good.

On that note...
I am really hoping this week is one free of sickness.  Our week last week went like this, Monday morning... Bristol gets an ear infection.  Monday afternoon... we go for Eldon's 3 year appointment and leave with a steroid prescription and instructions to change his breathing treatments from every 4 hours to every 3 hours.   Tuesday morning... I wake up feeling the effects of mastitis.  I decide that I want to be one of those girls who toughs it out and doesn't need antibiotics, this last till Friday morning.  Friday morning... I wake up and ask Jeremy to call in sick because it hurts to move.   During the night I alternated between shivering uncontrollably to sweating in puddles.   Thankfully I was able to get an antibiotic called in for the mastitis while discovering that I am not one who can just tough it out with this wonderful illness.  Nope, it knocks me on my butt.

Kuddos, yep I said kuddos, to Jeremy who stayed home on Friday and took awesome care of me and the kiddos.  He even did all the grocery shopping for the week, with both big kids in tow.  I don't even do that.
I told you this is a completely random post.

I have been having second thoughts about homeschooling Bristol lately.  I just don't know if I am equipped to school Bristol.   I always said my children would never go to public school, so now that homeschooling is off the table, we have to start exploring options like the local charter school.   I would love for Bristol to be able to go to a Christian school but we just can't afford that at this point in our lives.   So we are praying about it, debating it, and I will be calling to find out a little more info from the school.   I really wish there was a program that gave me both options here, a few days of homeschooling and a few days of in class learning, because I think I could definitely handle that.

So that is where my brain is today.  Yes, my What I Wore post is a day early this week but that is because I am going to try and do a "day in my life" post tomorrow.  That is if I remember to wake up taking pictures.   Wish me luck!

Happy Tuesday.

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