Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What I Wore-- New Year Goals

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Well, it is the first day of 2014, I guess I should be writing about my goals for the year.  Lets see if I can make this into an actual post about my goals or if I will end up off in the middle of no where like usual.

1.  I would really like to grow this little blog.   I love blogging for my family members but I would like it to be something more as well.  Do I think I can do it, probably not.   But it is a dream.   I like to underestimate myself.

2.  I would love to say good bye to the last 15 pounds of baby weight I am holding on too.  I am making great progress but with the holidays I haven't worked out in 2 weeks.  Good news is I haven't gained any weight, bad news, I haven't lost any either.    I should be thankful for the fact that I cant eat chocolate while breastfeeding the Miss because most of the holiday desserts I wanted to indulge in were no longer an option.

3.  I would love to get away with Jeremy for a few weekends.   Again, another thing that wont happen. 

4.  Become a better mother.  I have said it before, being Jeremy's wife comes easy to me, probably because he doesn't expect much, being a mom, I fail at miserably.   Lately, well lately, things haven't been so great with the big one.  I wrote about it a little here  before the holiday hoopla started but now that it is over, we need to find a way to fix it.   I ask God daily to make me the mom He wants me to be.   

5.  Grow deeper in my faith.  I feel like things have gotten better over the last couple months but the closeness I had with Him in Colorado is still missing.   I don't like that I am forcing it, I want it to come naturally again. 

6.  Finish my mantel decorations.  I have a few little projects to finish up but I have very little time to do them.

7.  Finish the table.  Yeah, we still need to build the benches and paint the chairs.  Until then, any company we have, it is a bring your own chair event.

8.  Buy a deep freezer.  I needed to put one on here that I could actually cross off.  

Well that is all I have for now.   It is hard to believe that this post last year was where I announced that we were pregnant again.  Nope, no announcement like that this year.  

Now I am going to enjoy my rare day as a mom of 1.   Bristol is off spending the night with her Grandma Cathy and Eldon is with Jeremy and his brother.  He will get to see he Grandpa Mark and Grandma Celecia at some point today.  Me and the Brighton have a big day planned of reading, hopefully taking down the decorations, and maybe just maybe finally getting a meal of egg rolls I have wanted for like forever.  Would it be bad if I just ordered like 8 egg rolls for my lunch and skipped the beef with broccoli?

Happy New Year!

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  1. Okay first, I love the short hair on you!! Great variety of goals. I need to work on coming up with some myself... I am most definitely glad to move on to a new year, this last one wasn't my favorite. I think if I become more intentional with my life, things will start looking up. And I'm wondering, did you save me an egg roll??


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