Monday, January 20, 2014

Favorite things--6 months

I actually started on this list at 4 months but just now got around to posting it.

I really like reading about other peoples favorite things.  I have discovered a few of my favorite things from reading others.  So here are my favorite baby things as of 6 months.  A few of them are repeats from the 6 weeks post but there are some new ones on here as well.

More Milk Plus--  This stuff is a life saver. Back in October when Eldon was in the hospital, I was having major supply issues. Like, zero milk.  Thankfully I had about 2 weeks worth of milk in my freezer that got us through that time, but this was the only product that worked.  I tried brewers yeast, oatmeal, fennel oil, fenugreek.  While those all helped and got me back to a decent supply, I still wasn't making enough milk to get through a day.  Enter the More Milk Plus.  Yes it is pricey but oh so worth it.  After taking it for 3 weeks straight my supply shot through the roof.  I highly recommend it.  And I spent just as much on those other products that didn't work.     Now I have an over supply issue.  But I am not complaining, I get to stop breast feeding at 8 months but I have a freezer full enough to get me through a year.  More Milk plus, try it!

Baby Jogger City Select Double-- I have sang the praises of my stroller many times.  SO worth it.  I wish I could convince everyone I know who is planning to have more than one kid, or already has more that one that this stroller is worth the price.   I hate strollers but this thing has made me a stroller lover.

blankets-- Yep, still loving the Aden and Anais.  I am actually getting ready to pick up a security blanket version since Brighton is so attached to hers.

Diaper Bag-- This diaper bag is amazing.  One day, I should do a post on all the stuff I can get in it at one time.  It is a little on the hoarder side.

GiraffeManhattan Toy WinkleCaptain Calamari , and Sophie-- Brighton's favorite toys as of this moment.

Beco-- I sang the praises of the Ergo in my 6 week post.  But then we got to the stage where Brighton wasn't happy staring at my chest any longer.  I couldn't get the hip carry to work so in enters the Beco Gemini and out goes the Ergo.  Best decision ever!   This thing is so wonderful.  Easy to use, Brighton can forward face, and I can snap it on me a little easier than the Ergo.   I think the Ergo is probably better for the itty bitty newborn phase but I think this thing is going to be best for the older stage.

Kelty Backpack Carrier-- We actually got this carrier when Bristol was a baby, so it is a little different than the link.  Jeremy loves this carrier and so do the kids.   He actually did The Incline in Manitou Springs with Bristol in it.  It is pretty user friendly, I feel it is more of a daddy carrier though.  I can wear it for about 20-30 minutes before my back starts to ache.   Great for hiking and parks.    Wonderful storage.

White Noise Baby-- This App is life changing!   Everyone looks at me weird when I pull out my phone and turn on the hair dryer noise.  But then, magic happens.  Brighton passes out, then everyone sings it praises.   I even used it at my extended family's Christmas party.  There were at least 20 people there and Brighton slept so peacefully for about 2 hours.  Try it, you wont be sorry.

Nose Frida--Gross but wonderful.  So much better than the bulb syringe.

Breathe Easier with diffuser-- I bought this stuff more for Eldon to help with his allergies/asthma situation that happens on a regular basis.   But, I discovered it works wonders on little baby colds as well.  I plug it in by her crib and within a day or 2 her little colds clear right up.

 I am sure I have forgotten things, but the stuff above are things I would have a seriously hard time living without.

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