Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What I Wore-- Say goodbye to the hair

Cardigan//Forever 21
Pants//Forever 21
Boots// JC Penny's

These are the first pair of pre-Brighton jeans that I have been able to wear.  So I may or may not be wearing them a lot.   My goal was to be wearing the same pants I was wearing at almost 3 months pregnant last Christmas but it is just not happening.  

So, I totally chopped off all of my hair yesterday.   And now I will bore you with the story.   A few weeks ago, I was browsing through bob hair cuts on pinterest.  This one showed up.
Happy with long hair for now, and this is really short but so cute! Grown Out Pixie with Soft Bangs
I jokingly showed it to Jeremy, like "what about this".  His response was "I like it".  I almost fell off my chair.  Seriously, the man who hates when women have boy cuts, likes this.   After looking for a few days we both agreed that Jenna Elfman's pixie was the way to go.  So like any social media nut, I got on pinterest and made a secret board for my hair cut.  But I never made an appointment because this was like a huge step. Today, when my alarm is going off at 6am and I am ignoring it until I realize it is 6:20am and Jeremy is still in bed, I start to kick him out because he is late for work.  He rolls over and is like "Oh, I have the next 2 days off."   After I got over my surprise and excitement, I was like, I wonder if the hair salon has an opening.  And what do you know? They did.  So I chopped the locks.  

The pony tail she chopped off was over an inch thick.  I have some serious hair.  

And that is my long, pointless hair cutting story.   Now almost all of the ugly, fake, yellow blonde is out and I can finally see my natural color again.  My hair was also really dry.  Living in the desert is killing it.   If you have any special tips or products that would help let me know.  Coconut oil is one that doesn't work for my hair.  It just made is super greasy.

So now I am just going to keep it super short until all the dye is out and then we will see. 

Since Jeremy has today off too, I figured I would head to the eye doctor.  Hopefully they can find contacts that will work with my extremely dry eyes.

Well that is what my week has been like so far, how is yours going?

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