Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What I Wore-- Christmas Tea and Church

What a busy week!  I can't believe it is only Tuesday night.   If anyone ever hears me mention that I am going to go grocery shopping with all 3 kids while Jeremy is at work, say NO.   It wasn't horrible, but I became THAT mom.  Snappy, short, grumpy, and left the store without half my list.  So much better when Jeremy tags along.

 So now you get to see what I wore this week.  Exciting, right?  Not.   My style is so simple.  I strive to be comfortable while feeling put together.

Sweater// Gift
Necklace//Beads by Cathy
Boot cuffs// Gift
Boots// JC Penny's

I wore this outfit to church and small group on Sunday.  Super comfy, while looking a little dressed up.

Coat// Victoria's Secret
Dress// Borrowed

My Christmas tea outfit.  First off, lets talk about how I don't wear dresses.  For whatever reason, I just don't like them.  But I was told this was a fancy event, in which we were encourage to dress Christmasy.  Another thing I just don't do, wear Christmas attire.  A friend lent me this dress, I think it was perfect.  Along with my red coat.  I actually really ended up liking this outfit but the tights were a little to much for me.   They are uncomfortable.  I am so thankful that I am in the age category that doesn't feel the need to wear them.   But they kind of made the outfit, and hid the fact that my legs haven't been shaved in oh... well its bad that I can't remember the last time.  

So I leave you with that.  My 2 outfits and a complaint about a busy week.  

Happy Wednesday

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  1. These are both great outfits! I love your boots! I don't wear dresses much, either! I just feel... exposed. I've found that I really like a dress with leggings and tall boots, though! You look great in that dress!

  2. Very beautiful red jacket. Love the second outfit so much.. Stopping by from pleated poppy link up.

  3. i've wanted boots with zippers like that for such a long time! you look beautiful! and i think it's hard shopping with one. you are superwoman :)


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