Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Christmas Wish List

I am bored, so I figured I would make a Christmas wish list.  Some things are just a dream, like the new lens for my camera and the Silhouette others I wish I had every morning like the moccasins.    

1.  Chair-- I want 4 of these for my table.  My kids love to drag out meal times, it would be nice to have a comfy place to sit.

2.  Tamron Lens-- Right now I have a prime lens and then the lens that came with my camera.  I would love to have this zoom lens.  One can dream, right?

3. Pampered Chef Stoneware--  I really want stoneware cookie sheets.

4.  Adobe Lightroom 5-- I have done the trial verison of this and I really want it.  Picasa is just not cutting it any longer.

5.  Morning Joe whole bean coffee-- My sister in law actually gave us a pound of this for Christmas a few years back.  We were hooked.

6.  Minnetonka Moccasins--  I hate cold feet and I hate when my socks get wet.  This would be the perfect solution for my crazy self.

7.  Silhouette Cameo-- back to the, one can dream, right?  I have a cricut but this would be much more useful.

8.  Travel Cup-- I am super weird, as you already know.  I need a travel cup for my hot tea because I wont put in in my coffee travel cup. Tea mixed with the faint taste of coffee, yuck.

9.  Yoga Pants-- Well not yoga pants, but I really want to try these pants from Forever 21.

So there are a few things, I would love to have.

Anything you are crushing on this holiday season?

Now I need to work on my phone dump post for tomorrow since I am going to a Sound of Music party tonight.  Anyone else doing a girls night of this?

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