Friday, December 6, 2013


Another week, another Friday where I bore you with my instagram photos.  You can find me @crazyrandombennetts
Last Friday I spent the day crafting with a few friends.  We started making out Jesse Tree ornaments.   They aren't finished.  That is my goal today: finish the details on the ornaments and get the rest of our Christmas decorations up so I can hang these beauties.  

 Saturday on the way home from a Thanksgiving meal at my parents house, we stopped at In N Out.  I have been craving it for weeks now.  While we were there Little Miss needed her bed time feeding. As I was burping her, she was having a very deep conversation with the cars passing by.  It was cute.  She is going to love it when we move her seat next to the door next month.
 Shorts and flip flops.  Home Depot.   Yep, California Christmas.
 If I were honest with you I would tell you, I am struggling with Christmas this year.  Last year was hard.   On November 11th, the day before our anniversary, we found out we were pregnant.   I was terrified.  We had just had 2 back to back miscarriages and I didn't want to try again because I wasn't sure I could take a third.   Brighton was probably my hardest pregnancy, and to be going through sickness, major food aversions, and the normal stress of the holidays all while being told by the doctor that I shouldn't get my hopes up but it looked like this baby was going to make it.  I just needed to make it to the safe point.  This year I am reliving all those emotions.  Thanking God that we have a beautiful little Brighton, she is a fighter.   But to look back on the last year, it is rough.  It is clouding my judgement about Christmas this year.  All that to say, I painted my nails with happy christmas colors in order to bring holiday cheer.
 We had to rearrange our living room to fit all of the baby gear and the tree.
 If I were honest with you again, I would tell you that the dogs get zero attention these days.   The house is cramped and to add 3 dogs on top of that, it is too much.  So they spend most of their days outside.   Brighton hasn't seen a lot of them.  When she does she is fascinated.
 Snow showers in the desert.  I am still laughing about this.
 My Grandma Winder used to decorate her house for every holiday, down to the spare toilet paper roll.   Looking at my table, I am feeling a little like her.
 What does one do when they are low on chocolate chips and are to overwhelmed to go to the store?  Why, fill the dough with pecans and coconut flakes, of course.
If the date stamp didn't tell you this was 2009, so of course it is Bristol, I would be able to pass this picture off as Brighton.  Right down to the annoyed at taking another picture stare.  

Also before you leave me, you should check out these 2 videos.  The first one is Pentatonix Little Drummer Boy, which is just plain awesome.  The second is The Piano Guys Angels We Have Heard on High.  This is the kind of Christmas music I can like.

Have a wonderful Friday!

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  1. i had no idea but we both had scary months of decembers with lots of praying that our baby girls would make it! so thankful this season is full of so much happiness and joy and thanking God for giving us these girls :)


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