Friday, December 27, 2013


We had an amazing, wonderful, crazy busy Christmas week.   I am still not done processing it all and we still have one more celebration to attend on Saturday.  So I will probably bore y'all with pictures on Monday but for now, let's look at the story my instagram feed has to tell.  

Jeremy couldn't wait to play with Bristol's present. 

This girl thinks she is a princess.   

 Our small group had a Jesus' birthday party celebration on Sunday.  Brighton was not impressed with the hats.
 Everyone needs a pair of these bad boys.  Super comfortable.  I am not ashamed to admit that I have been shopping in them.

Now on to our Christmas Eve fun.


 Candle light service.  Not so much fun.  Next year I will be dressing for comfort and we will not forget an essential thing like the pacifier.  But Brighton sure did look cute.

 I did not plan ahead at all so we ended up eating out for Christmas Eve dinner.

 In their Christmas jammies.  Not as cool as this video but I thought they looked adorable.

 8:30 am and not a present opened.  My children chose Christmas day of all days to sleep in, clearly they missed the memo on getting up early.  I can't say, I was truely saddened by this.

Bristol holding court as per usual.

There you have it.  Our week in pictures.

Did you have a good Christmas week?

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