Friday, December 20, 2013

Instafriday-- 12.20.2013

This week may have been crazy busy but it was a good week.  Now I will tell you about it in pictures. 

I mentioned on Monday, it was family day at work

 Isn't this the coolest contraption?   I have been into tea lately since I had to give up coffee for Miss Brighton.  Which between giving up coffee, chocolate (I still cry about this), and her being on reflux medicine, she is a whole new baby.  It is worth it but I had to find something fill that void.  So we have been experimenting with different teas.  So far my favorite bagged tea is Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's Cherry Blossom Green Tea but then Jeremy went to Teavana when we were in Bakersfield over the weekend.  He got me a loose leave green tea cherry mixture and this awesome brewer thing.  AMAZING!  Add in a teapot, yes, we now own a teapot,  my tea takes less time to make then coffee.   Although, I still really miss my coffee and chocolate.  Did I mention that?

 I made the mistake of showing Bristol The Sound of Music.  Well not really a mistake.  I knew she would love it.  And she does.  Now when she wants to watch it she will put this on her head and say can we watch the singing movie.  There have also been a few request for Maria hair.   Jeremy wants her to see the original with Julie Andrews now.

 Bye bye long hair.  This pony tail was over an inch thick.

 Hello short hair.

 First time in daddy's backpack.  She love it.

 and fell asleep while we were caroling at the local nursing home.

 Did I mention, I was in charge of 5 kids for a couple hours on Wednesday?   Bristol was a huge help and played with Kinslee the whole time.

 Oh look, everyone decorating Christmas cookies.

 Oh look, only 2 left.   They decorated the majority of the cookies.

And people wonder why I let Jeremy do all the cooking.  Seriously, who can compete with this?

Any fun plans for the weekend?   We have another busy weekend lined up.   Date night tonight, while the kiddos are at the Jesus Birthday party, Bennett family Christmas tomorrow, and the small group Jesus Birthday party Sunday.    I am exhausted just typing that.   Can someone come clean and wrap presents so I can take a nap?

Happy Friday

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  1. Darling hair! (And cookies)

    Merry Christmas :) Stopping by from Insta-Friday


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