Monday, December 23, 2013


These last few weeks Bristol has really been testing us. She has been super defiant. I think some of it stems from Brighton being a needier baby but I also think she is just testing us. I seriously feel like we are majorly failing with her. I have broke down to Jeremy asking him " how did I screw up this bad". It has been super rough. I already said that but it is the truth.

So going into Christmas with the Bennett side of the family Saturday was a hard thing for me. I was struggling with her not really being in a position where she needed presents as well as knowing the joy our family gets from giving them presents. But with everything I feel like I am failing at, gratitude to other people isn't one of them. Bristol has this amazing ability to make the gift giver feel so special. She ohs and awes over presents, she says thank you, she is so happy about every little gift.

Even though right now I feel like I can do nothing right with her, some where along the way we taught her how to have a thankful spirit.

For today I will take that.

For today that will be my little ray of light at then end of this tunnel.

I am holding on to it, because once we get past this stage there will be yet another tunnel

Parenting, the kind where you are trying to raise your child to be a loving, caring, responsible Godly woman, is HARD work.

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