Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013

Are you ready to hear about our Christmas?  I know, you just can't wait, right?  Well, I won't keep you in suspense any longer.

We will call this the year of no pictures.   I don't know what has happened to me but lately, but I am just of my picture taking game.   The only thing I really took pictures of was the kiddos opening their presents.  I didn't take any of them with my parents.  I didn't take any when we were at the Winder family Christmas party.  And I took very few of them at the zoo.  Must be better.

I may have already blogged about this but I really don't remember it and I don't feel like making a few clicks on the blog to see if it is there.   So I will possibly re-bore you with the details.  And if this is the first time, well I am going to bore you anyways.

Our celebration of Christmas went from Saturday the 21st till Sunday the 29th.

First up, Bennett family.
 This was not staged.   Bill sat down on the chest with his drink.  Eldon ran to the living room to get his.  Every time Bill took a drink, Eldon had to as well.

 Dress up clothes for Princess Bristol courtesy of Aunt Serena.

This girl would have been happy if some one had given her a box full of tissue paper.   She loved pulling it out of her presents.

Now for our Christmas celebration.

 When does the weird "cheese" face end?

Brighton and Eldon got up at 8:30, we woke Bristol at 9.   We read our last Jesse Tree devotions, ate cinnamon rolls, and got on to the present opening.   My parents got here around 1 and we headed to the park so the kids could ride their scooters.  Nope, I didn't take any picture of the kids with my parents.   I really wish I had taken a video of the kids going shopping with my parents to pick out their gifts.   It was cute.

Saturday.  We headed down to the San Diego area for Christmas with my extended family.   It is so fun to see my kids hanging out with my Aunts and Uncles and my Cousin's and their kids.   Winder family Christmas celebrations are some of my best memories, I am glad they get to experience them as well.

Sunday we headed to the San Diego Zoo one last time before our passes expired.   I would not recommend going the weekend after Christmas.  I don't know if it was the beautiful 70 degree weather, the fact that everyone had family in town, or maybe like us they wanted to use their passes one last time but the zoo was crazy town.  But, oh so worth it.

If you cant read that sign, it say average wait time to see the pandas from that point is 35 to 45 minutes.  We had already stood in line for 15 minutes.   Had they not had one of those, "take a photo with a panda" spots right in the middle of the panda exhibit, I am sure our wait would have been much shorter.  

My handsome pack mule

I love the San Diego Zoo, if you haven't been, go at least once in your life. I am bummed we are not renewing our passes this year but it is just to much of a drive.  So we are going to get yearly passes to the LA Zoo instead.  

And that was our Christmas Folks.   Crazy, busy, but in the middle of it all, on Christmas day, we made it all about Jesus before we even opened out presents.   That to me, made it worth all the madness of the season that I detest.

Now, I will work on trying to get caught up on 365 for October through December, which shouldn't be hard at all because I hardly took any photos at all.

Happy New Years Eve.

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