Monday, December 16, 2013

Brain dump-- weekend recap

What a crazy weekend we had.  

Friday, Jeremy's work was having family day.  Actually the whole base was having family day.   This is the first year Jeremy's work has participated in it since he started working there 2 years ago.   Going into it, I was thinking, well this is going to be boring.  It was anything but boring.   A few friends came along and we made a day of it.   Jeremy let the kids drive (on his lap) one of the tactical vehicles he works on.   Then afterwards we headed to our friends work and the kids got to sit and climb all over helicopters and planes.   To say they had a blast is an understatement.   Friday night when Eldon was saying his bed time prayers, he prayed "Thank you for the hehtatter(helicopter), hehtatter, and hehtatter."   I don't think he enjoyed the helicopter at all.  

Saturday.  Well Saturday we were in Bakersfield all day. Like we left at 8 am and didn't get home until 10 pm.  Our first stop was to visit my Grandma and Aunt.  Which the kids loved.   My Aunt's house is all decorated for Christmas and the kids loved playing with all the singing decorations.   They watched the kids while we made a quick exhausting trip to the mall.  Now I remember why I only go there like twice a year.

Shoes.  The kids were in desperate need of shoes.   I really was looking for a pair of boots for Eldon and a pair of tennis shoes for Bristol.  Yeah we walked out with mary janes for Bristol and these for Eldon.

He hasn't even seen the movie Planes yet and he is already insisting on these shoes.  He is going to be one excited boy Christmas morning when he opens a certain gift.

And what to do you know, there was a Yogurtland right next to the shoe store.

All in all it was a good weekend, just a little too jammed packed.    I miss just relaxing on the weekends.   Come February, I am not going any where.   I would like to say that about January but with Eldon's birthday, it is not possible.  

Anyone else have a crazy weekend?  Of course you did, it is the holidays.

Now I must go get the kids.  They slept in till 8 am, this like never happens.

Happy Monday.

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