Tuesday, December 3, 2013

10 unrelated random things.

we are getting a little better. 

Radio silence.  More like Savanna has a few good books so blogging is the furthest thing from her mind.   But since right now I should be mopping, sorting clothes to finally get them put into storage, or you know, working out since my new favorite afternoon snack is apple pie-- I choose to ignore it all and blog.  So lets talk about the random thoughts that keep crossing my mind.

1.  I am horrible at responding to blog comments in a timely matter. The thing is, I read them almost immediately upon getting them but so I don't seem creepy, I like to wait to respond.  Which then turns into me forgetting about them.  Add another thing to my list I should be doing instead of blogging-- responding to comments.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Official Store, Cherry Blossom Tea, 20 tea bags, Coffee Bean : Tea : Flavored, 2863752501
Everyone needs this tea.  It is delicious.   I am only slightly addicted.  Okay maybe a lot addicted.   I could totally go for a few of these for Christmas presents.

3.  Laundry soap.  We doing our shopping in 2 week increments since we live 80 miles from a Costco.  So I usually try and guess if I have a enough laundry soap or if I need to buy it before the next time we are down there.  We don't have a whole lot of storage in this house so I try to only keep what we need on hand.  So last time I went shopping, I checked the laundry soap, decided it was enough and skipped buying it.  Yep, it wasn't enough.   The time before that, I did the same thing but decided we needed soap, yep didn't open it until 3 weeks later.  I can never guess my laundry soap usage appropriately.   Random but annoying all the same.

4.  I lack holiday cheer.  Always have, always will.  Our tree is up, not decorated.  It is taking it's sweet time fanning out.  It finally looks ready today.  My nails are red and gold.  I am trying to channel the holiday spirit.

5.  Last night I admitted I missed living in Colorado.   See, the sky was doing something beautiful here, like it was this beautiful shade of pink/orange.  But I couldn't see it.  All I could see is this thin little sliver.  In Colorado we had a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains that I watched the sun set on every night.  I miss that.
Bristol hula hooping. 

6.  The sky didn't fall on me or lighting strike when I admitted to missing Colorado.

7.  I may have also said I missed the snow at some point this weekend.   Not so much the snow but cooler weather.  I have been wearing my boots these last couple times I have left the house and almost baked to death.  70 degree weather does not make for cute fall clothes weather.

8.  I am sure if we lived where it was colder, I would be complaining about that too.

9.  Brighton is a whole different child on reflux meds, but she still does her wonderful trick of stranger danger.   She will flirt with someone all day but the minute they go to pick her up or they get too close, she screams bloody murder.  At one point she had to hold my finger to sit in someones lap for a picture.

10.  Another first happened this weekend.  Brighton met her great grandparents and an honorary grandma.

That is all I have for you on this extremely windy Tuesday.   I am sure there are  a thousand grammar and spelling errors but Jeremy has to work so he isn't here to proof this wonderful pointless post.  

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. you should make your own laundry soap!!! its the bombdiggity. I made a batch and started using it on july 14th and still haven't run out. It lasts forever......And don't worry about responding to my comment. LOL. I do the same thing! I don't want to seem creepy and then I forget. So you are NOT alone! =)


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