Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What I Wore

Top//Victoria's Secret
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Bristol insisted on her picture being taken.  

Today wasn't a bad day but...  Do your kids ever just look right at you when you are asking them to do something and then just completely ignore it?  That is what today was like.

Do you ever have a whole entire meal put together and then realize you are out of a key ingredient, one that can't be left out or substituted?   Which results in having to run to the store 10 minutes before nap time.

Do you ever have a one of those mornings where you are just running behind and nothing seems to be happening to get you back on track?  So you end up carrying your baby screaming baby around in one hand while trying to round up every thing you need with other.

After we got back home this morning, I finally had a few minutes to sit and unwind, snuggle a happy baby, and apologize to the big 2 for being short with them.  But then I realized, I hadn't prayed. I hadn't had quite time.  I woke up late, got in a rush, and missed it.

I was so busy trying to make sure I looked good on the outside but I forgot to take a moment to make sure I had filled my heart up with the good stuff.  I ignored making sure my heart was beautiful in exchange for making my outside beautiful.  God doesn't care how I look on the outside.  He doesn't care if my face is perfect, if every strand of hair is in the right place, if my clothes are flattering to my less that flattering postnatal belly.  He doesn't care if what I am wearing is considered fashionable.  He cares about my heart.  Which, in case you didn't already figure it out, my heart was not a pretty sight this morning.  It was in a very selfish state.  It was caught up in a blame game. It was short tempered and quick to punish.  My heart had no room for grace.

Thank goodness grace is given to us freely because this morning I didn't deserve that grace, but I am thankful God is a God of second chances, of teaching me, quietly whispering, Savanna, just pray.  Talk to me about it.  I know.  I know everything that is going on.  With Me, you will find peace.  You will find grace, grace that you can give to your kids.   

So that is where my heart is today, pray and grace.  God gave me His grace freely and I need to remember, no, I need to choose to give the kids grace.  But to do that, I need to start my day off right.  I need to start it off with Him.

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