Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What I Wore--play date ramblings

Sweater//? very old

If you have thought, hey, Savanna would be a fun person to have a play date with, think again.  Your line of thought should be more like, we are on kid #2 and contemplating kid #3 so we are going to hang out with you for a day and see if we really want to go off the birth control.  BAM!  Your birth control prescription will be filled so quick you wont have time to blink.

We have gone to the park twice now with another family and both times Bristol has decided she has to pee right then and there.  The first time she did, I didn't have any spare clothes because it had been a good 6 months since she had an accident.  This time, I made her pee twice before we left, we were about an hour into park time and she decided she needed to pee.  Yep, loaded all 3 of the kids, including a sleeping Brighton in the ergo, back into the car, drove to the store, peed, and went back and played.

Like I said, birth control.

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  1. Love that skirt! We never go to parks without bathrooms!


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