Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What I wore-- Casual Edition

Sweater//Forever 21

I love this sweater.  Jeremy tolerates it.  But since I plan to be buried in it, I am sure he will get used to it.  But it may take him 50 years.  Anyways, a couple weeks ago I had to run into the mall for new nose rings since I had lost my last one.   I conveniently had Jeremy drop me off at the Forever 21 entrance.  I told him I was just walking through, not stopping to look.  Which I was planning to do, then I saw it.  I saw this beautiful, thick, comfy cardigan.   I snapped a picture and sent it to him, hoping his response would be along the lines of "I like it, you should totally get it." Like he would ever say totally.... His response was more of  "Really?! You want that grandma sweater?".   So no sweater for me that day but I had every intention of going back for it on Saturday on my girls shopping trip, but instead we went to a town without a Forever 21.  I tried really hard to find another warm cardigan that I though Jeremy would like a little more but no such luck.  I should stop right here and tell you, Jeremy doesn't decide what I wear.  But he is very honest about what works for me or doesn't, which makes me really appreciate and trust his input unless it is plaid-- he thinks all of my tops should be plaid.  Now I love a little plaid, but a whole wardrobe of plaid, no thank you.  I know without a doubt that when he says I look really good in an outfit he means it because there have been times when I have asked his opinion and he will tell me an outfit just isn't working.  This sweater wasn't about how it fit, it was about print.  A print I love and have been ogling for a few years now.  So back to my story, Sunday we went on a date and I mentioned this cardigan again.  He was like lets see what it looks like in person.  After 2 forever 21's we found it and he admitted it was a little better in person.  Which, knowing that was the best he could do, I snapped it up.  Now it is mine, and I am it's, and we plan to live together forever. Maybe I am a little obsessed... just a little.  

I haven't been doing my thankful for's here on the blog this year,  but I have been journaling them during my quiet time.  I thought I should share one of mine that is kind of weird.  I am thankful for kids who take their medicine with no complaints.  In fact yesterday after what seemed like the hundredth time of Eldon getting nose spray to help with his allergies, he said thank you mommy.  If he can't be 100% healthy, I will take this.  A kid who never complains about having to take medicine, always sits still for nebulizer treatments, and who is generally good natured about anything to do with health care is something to be thankful for indeed. Like I said, silly but it was something I was super thankful these last few days.

I miss chocolate.  Hopefully after a while of Brighton being on reflux meds, I will be able to sneak a piece every once in a while.

I am loving that all I have to make for Thanksgiving this year is stuffing and yams.  So happy we decided not to host or do our own turkey.  I don't think I have the patience or time for it right now.   Not really sure what we will do Christmas but maybe I can get away with cooking even less.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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  1. I hopped over from WIWW. I'm a Bennett too so it caught my attention. I love that sweater :)

  2. This outfit is perrrfect! <3 And yes, now I'm jealous of your trip to Forever 21, too!


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