Friday, November 29, 2013

Instafriday-- 11.29.2013

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday.  It was relaxed, fun, and peaceful.  We spent it with Jeremy's parents and his Uncle's family.  Truly a wonderful day.   I loved that there was no stress, I wish all holidays were that way.  

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 Brighton was freaking out one day at nap time, Jeremy finally got her to calm down.

This is the result of a 1000 pictures.  It is getting harder and harder to capture my big 2.

 We we on our first solo date since Brighton was born.  The funny thing is one of our stops was IKEA for a high chair for her.  It was a wonderful date... Lucille's, IKEA, Forever 21, a few stops at Coffee Bean and Tea leaf, and a quick trip into Costco for 5 bags of white chocolate pretzels with peppermint. 8 years later, I still love dating this man.
 Her first time joining us for a meal.   I wanted a white high chair but because they were on sale for $14.99 choices were limited.
 This little girl, she wont sleep on me unless she is sick or she has fallen asleep nursing.   Earlier this week she had a little cold and was having a really hard time taking  a nap, a few rocks and snuggles in the chair and she was out cold.  We stayed this way for 2 hours.   I enjoyed every moment of it.

 I can't believe how good she is getting at writing her name.
 Who needs to eat when you have feet
 Dee Henderson is my all time favorite author closely followed by Oliver North.   She has written 2 new books this year that touch on characters from her Uncommon Heroes series, I am rereading them to refresh my memory.  I am still waiting on 4 more books I requested as well.
 My view feeding Brighton yesterday.
We may be getting a little better at family photos but we are still challenged.

I hope everyone had as wonderful Thanksgiving as we did.  We are off for round 2 tomorrow.

Happy Friday.

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