Friday, November 15, 2013


I probably shouldn't be posting about instafriday because it is only 7:15 am and I have already decided there is no saving our day.

So I am going to fake it until I make it.  This week felt like a rough one.  But I don't think it was, I think that this morning is just clouding it.  Finally after a week of not sleeping her usual 12 hours, Brighton has decided to start sleeping again.  I wish I could say that means I am caught up on sleep but if possible, I am more tired than ever.  If you want to follow along in real time, I can be found @crazyrandombennetts

She is going to be some kind of superstar when she grows up.  
I just realized you can see Brighton in this picture.  

 Monday, Jeremy's day off, he built me my anniversary present.  Eldon was in the garage helping him during all of his waking hours.  
A sleeping Brighton

Since she was four months old Tuesday, we figured it was time to pull out the jumper.  She loves to play in it, until her brother and sister start trying to play with her

My MASSIVE anniversary present.   We currently have a table that we got from Walmart when we got married.  It has held up great for 8 years but it only seats four.  Since Brighton will be joining us soon we wanted something bigger and bigger it is.  This bad boy will seat 10 comfortably when it is done and we probably could shove 12-14 around it if we needed too.  

I told you, she is going to be some kind of super star

This one, she challenges me.  We had a horrible day on Wednesday.  One of those days where she was crying pretty much non stop.   Finally after what seemed like forever, she laid in my lap.  She played, snuggled, and laughed... it made the rough day all worth it.

Now, I shall go face down the kids.  Wish me luck!

Happy Friday

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  1. That table is awesome! Your story sounds sooo familiar! We got a table at Kmart when we first got married, and seriously, after 8 years we were a family of 5 and finally upgraded to something bigger. We got our new table and IKEA, though. :)

  2. That table! I love it. Brighton is such a doll, as are the other two. ;) Hope you guys have a great weekend.


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