Thursday, November 7, 2013


If you have been blessed with kids who are not affected by the time changing, don't worry.  If you ever have more kids, you will suddenly understand why all mothers hate it. Be warned, the effects of it might not be on Sunday, more than likely it will be on Monday when the reinforcements have gone back to work.

The children aligned and I got a 1 1/2 hour nap today. Not expected to happen again until 2020.

If you hear me talk about Jeremy and I celebrating our anniversary on Wednesday, feel free to correct me and tell my that Tuesday is  in fact the 12th which is the actual day of our 8th anniversary. Shall we take bets on me remembering to celebrate it on that day?

I feel like I should tell you about my nap again. Jeremy said it was nice to see me wake up smiling. I told him the reason I was smiling was because I woke up to him and not one of the kiddos.

We are attending a parenting matters conference this weekend. It is much needed.

I feel the need to talk about my nap yet again, but that might be a little too much.  So let's look at my week according to my phone.

Last Saturday was a wonderful day.  I loved having this day with the kids.

Bristol and Eldon thought it was way to easy for me to clean during Miss Brighton's nap so they woke her up.
We were out of tortillas.   I had used them all up for the kids lunches because we were out of bread.  I was refusing to go to the store.  All 3 of them against little old me, no thank you.  I decided it couldn't be too hard to make my own tortillas.  It wasn't, but I think it is an art that I haven't quiet learned yet.  

Jeremy was cutting Eldon's hair the other night.  Eldon ran out to get me "Like daddys hair! Like daddys".  I said okay and cringed inside because he was so excited that daddy was going to cut his hair just like his. But I would miss my little blonde boy.  I actually think his buzz cut turned out really cute.   And he tells everyone he sees "hair like daddy"

An exhausted mama + a little having nightmares= a nice sleep session on the couch while daddy works out and cleans the kitchen.
I do not own a wine glass.   Odd, right?  A mason jar works just fine, plus is holds a lot more wine.
It was a rough night Wednesday (see above picture) actually is was a rough day.   Brighton cried for the better part of the day.   Finally Jeremy worked his daddy magic and got her to go to sleep.

This little girl loves to perform.

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  1. Oh gosh, that video!! She is definitely a little performer :)
    xo TJ


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