Monday, November 18, 2013

4 months old

Miss Brighton was having the time of her life during this little monthly shoot.  Yes, it is a day shy of being a week late.  One, I didn't remember until, like, Wednesday afternoon and then the lighting was horrible.  Finally, on Sunday Brighton's happy mood and the sun aligned for a fun little session.  I think she was so happy because both mommy and daddy were jumping through hoops to get her to smile.  She was the center of attention, exactly where she likes to be.

I have no clue how much she weights or how long she is because we don't go in until Wednesday for her well baby visit.

Little things about Little Miss

  • Her favorite game to play is... sit on mommy's lap, flirt with anyone you see, then the minute they try to pick you up, scream like they are cutting off a limb.  It's fun I tell you.  Mommy's arm starts to feel like it is going to fall off, I give mommy the false hope that this time I am going to let someone pick me up, and then mommy slowly looses it or just wishes I would let her put me down because her arm and shoulder are cramping at this point.  
  • She is back to sleeping 12 hours.  Sometimes she will wake up around 6 am which is about an hour early but we just pop the pacifier back in, turn on the sea horse and she will usually be back asleep in a few minutes.
  • She took a 2 hour, no wake ups, nap in her crib this morning.   I thought that was a good sign and attempted to workout during the nap time she takes with the big 2.  Utter Fail!  My 60 minute work out took 2 1/2 hours.
  • Her dimples are adorable.  She doesn't show them off very often but they are there.
  • She DOES NOT like large crowds.  
  • Bristol and Eldon are still her favorite people in the whole world.  
As for clothing.  She is wearing 9 month tops, dresses, and body suits but needs 12 month pants.  At this point I am hoping we are going to be in 18 month stuff soon because that is the second round of girl winter stuff.  

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