Friday, November 29, 2013

Instafriday-- 11.29.2013

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday.  It was relaxed, fun, and peaceful.  We spent it with Jeremy's parents and his Uncle's family.  Truly a wonderful day.   I loved that there was no stress, I wish all holidays were that way.  

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 Brighton was freaking out one day at nap time, Jeremy finally got her to calm down.

This is the result of a 1000 pictures.  It is getting harder and harder to capture my big 2.

 We we on our first solo date since Brighton was born.  The funny thing is one of our stops was IKEA for a high chair for her.  It was a wonderful date... Lucille's, IKEA, Forever 21, a few stops at Coffee Bean and Tea leaf, and a quick trip into Costco for 5 bags of white chocolate pretzels with peppermint. 8 years later, I still love dating this man.
 Her first time joining us for a meal.   I wanted a white high chair but because they were on sale for $14.99 choices were limited.
 This little girl, she wont sleep on me unless she is sick or she has fallen asleep nursing.   Earlier this week she had a little cold and was having a really hard time taking  a nap, a few rocks and snuggles in the chair and she was out cold.  We stayed this way for 2 hours.   I enjoyed every moment of it.

 I can't believe how good she is getting at writing her name.
 Who needs to eat when you have feet
 Dee Henderson is my all time favorite author closely followed by Oliver North.   She has written 2 new books this year that touch on characters from her Uncommon Heroes series, I am rereading them to refresh my memory.  I am still waiting on 4 more books I requested as well.
 My view feeding Brighton yesterday.
We may be getting a little better at family photos but we are still challenged.

I hope everyone had as wonderful Thanksgiving as we did.  We are off for round 2 tomorrow.

Happy Friday.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What I wore-- Casual Edition

Sweater//Forever 21

I love this sweater.  Jeremy tolerates it.  But since I plan to be buried in it, I am sure he will get used to it.  But it may take him 50 years.  Anyways, a couple weeks ago I had to run into the mall for new nose rings since I had lost my last one.   I conveniently had Jeremy drop me off at the Forever 21 entrance.  I told him I was just walking through, not stopping to look.  Which I was planning to do, then I saw it.  I saw this beautiful, thick, comfy cardigan.   I snapped a picture and sent it to him, hoping his response would be along the lines of "I like it, you should totally get it." Like he would ever say totally.... His response was more of  "Really?! You want that grandma sweater?".   So no sweater for me that day but I had every intention of going back for it on Saturday on my girls shopping trip, but instead we went to a town without a Forever 21.  I tried really hard to find another warm cardigan that I though Jeremy would like a little more but no such luck.  I should stop right here and tell you, Jeremy doesn't decide what I wear.  But he is very honest about what works for me or doesn't, which makes me really appreciate and trust his input unless it is plaid-- he thinks all of my tops should be plaid.  Now I love a little plaid, but a whole wardrobe of plaid, no thank you.  I know without a doubt that when he says I look really good in an outfit he means it because there have been times when I have asked his opinion and he will tell me an outfit just isn't working.  This sweater wasn't about how it fit, it was about print.  A print I love and have been ogling for a few years now.  So back to my story, Sunday we went on a date and I mentioned this cardigan again.  He was like lets see what it looks like in person.  After 2 forever 21's we found it and he admitted it was a little better in person.  Which, knowing that was the best he could do, I snapped it up.  Now it is mine, and I am it's, and we plan to live together forever. Maybe I am a little obsessed... just a little.  

I haven't been doing my thankful for's here on the blog this year,  but I have been journaling them during my quiet time.  I thought I should share one of mine that is kind of weird.  I am thankful for kids who take their medicine with no complaints.  In fact yesterday after what seemed like the hundredth time of Eldon getting nose spray to help with his allergies, he said thank you mommy.  If he can't be 100% healthy, I will take this.  A kid who never complains about having to take medicine, always sits still for nebulizer treatments, and who is generally good natured about anything to do with health care is something to be thankful for indeed. Like I said, silly but it was something I was super thankful these last few days.

I miss chocolate.  Hopefully after a while of Brighton being on reflux meds, I will be able to sneak a piece every once in a while.

I am loving that all I have to make for Thanksgiving this year is stuffing and yams.  So happy we decided not to host or do our own turkey.  I don't think I have the patience or time for it right now.   Not really sure what we will do Christmas but maybe I can get away with cooking even less.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Monday, November 25, 2013

BBQ, IKEA, and a Jesse Tree

Random things I may ask you on a date. How did Hanukkah get blue and Christmas get red and green?

I went to Costco twice this weekend and forgot oatmeal both times.  Seriously!  

I finally bought the book we are going to use for our Jesse Tree this year.  Once again, I am not completely organized but we are heading down the right path, maybe, by next year I will have my act together.  I was going to try and buy the ornaments but I should have probably started shopping for them before this weekend.  So onto plan "B", make them some how.   I also need to make either a felt tree or find a branch to use.  This is the devotional we are using.  I am really looking forward to it.   Hopefully by doing this each year, our children will learn the true meaning of this season.  

Doilies, where is the best place to get them?  I need at least 12.   They are pretty pricey at Jo Anns.   Would I have better luck at thrift stores?  I want to make a super cute table runner that I pinned on pinterest a while back for the new table.  

Speaking of new table, I am so in love.  It is huge.  Like takes up half of our living area but no worries, it is worth it.   While we were at IKEA yesterday, I looked at the chairs we eventually want to get and they were so comfy.  Had they had them in stock, I may have been tempted to take a few home with me.  

Yesterday, Jeremy and I went on our first date sans kids since Brighton was born.  It only took us 4 whole months.   We went to Lucille's BBQ for lunch and it was so worth it!  A few people had told us that it was over priced but I disagree.  You get what you pay for and their food was AMAZING.  We will definitely be going back which is a good thing since I don't normally like BBQ.   After Lucille's we hit up IKEA, I love that place.  It is a shame it is a far drive but that might also be a good thing.  We got a new high chair for Brighton, a train set for Eldon, and a few other little odds and ends.  We also got plates for the kiddos since theirs are falling a part and they like to have their own special plates.  My favorite thing is the high chair and it was only $14.99.  Seriously, where else are you going to find an awesome high chair for that price brand new.  
I love onion straws

Well I think that is all.  Later today, I am taking Brighton back to the doctor to discuss reflux meds.  I meant to do it at her 4 month last week but it totally slipped my mind.  I guess that is what happens when you take all 3 kids to the doctor on your own.   It is time, I have been putting it off, hoping she would get better but it is getting worse and worse by the day.

Have a wonderful Monday.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


I might not get very wordy today.  I may have broken my finger or it may just be sprained.  Whatever it is, it hurts and I am wearing a splint.  No, I didn't go to the doctor, if the pain keeps up through thanksgiving then I will entertain that thought.  Until then, I will type gimp style.

This week, it was a lot of ups and downs it seems, but isn't every week?

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We started the weekend out right, celebrating my Sister In Law and soon to be nephew.  Well I guess he is already my nephew but he won't be done baking until January.  Right around Eldon's birthday. ( boy, do I look tired)

That little girl, she may fuss a lot, but her smiles, they make the world right.  The gums, the dimples, how her whole face lights up, it is perfection.

While us girls were at the baby shower the boys were doing manly things like working on a lawn mower.  Eldon and Brody are super obsessed with all things heavy equipment.  They got to ride on a tractor, they both were in heaven.

Thumb sucking.  Very mixed emotions on it.  When he was a baby, it was a life safer.  That was back, pre Brighton when we had a deep hatred for pacifiers.   So the thumb was welcome.  Now, not so much.  This week he got a really bad blister on his thumb.  It happens about once every 6 months but normally he doesn't complain about it.  This time though, he was asking for medicine and band aids.  So after putting it off for months, we finally decided that this was the time to break the thumb sucking.   It is going great at night, but nap time is a different story.  He falls asleep okay but if he gets woken up, even after 5 minutes, he cant seem to get back to sleep.  Hopefully over time he learns to sooth himself without the thumb.

She survived 2 hours in the nursery and was actually asleep when I picked her up.  We will call that a success.  That was Tuesday, today she was in there again and was a very grumpy girl when I picked her up.

 Giant baby had her 4 month check up.  She is 16 pounds, 4 ounces and 25 inches long.  It is no surprise that people do not believe she is not 6 months old.

I may have taken a nap today during the kids nap time.  I may or may not have been woken up by a certain little girl yelling very loudly over her baby monitor "Mommy its raining, Its raining mommy.  Mommy get the brella we go see the rain."

I complied.

First meal at our new table!  Can't wait to show the color to you in a few weeks, once the benches are built and the chairs are painted.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What I Wore

Top//Victoria's Secret
Earrings//Beads By Cathy

Bristol insisted on her picture being taken.  

Today wasn't a bad day but...  Do your kids ever just look right at you when you are asking them to do something and then just completely ignore it?  That is what today was like.

Do you ever have a whole entire meal put together and then realize you are out of a key ingredient, one that can't be left out or substituted?   Which results in having to run to the store 10 minutes before nap time.

Do you ever have a one of those mornings where you are just running behind and nothing seems to be happening to get you back on track?  So you end up carrying your baby screaming baby around in one hand while trying to round up every thing you need with other.

After we got back home this morning, I finally had a few minutes to sit and unwind, snuggle a happy baby, and apologize to the big 2 for being short with them.  But then I realized, I hadn't prayed. I hadn't had quite time.  I woke up late, got in a rush, and missed it.

I was so busy trying to make sure I looked good on the outside but I forgot to take a moment to make sure I had filled my heart up with the good stuff.  I ignored making sure my heart was beautiful in exchange for making my outside beautiful.  God doesn't care how I look on the outside.  He doesn't care if my face is perfect, if every strand of hair is in the right place, if my clothes are flattering to my less that flattering postnatal belly.  He doesn't care if what I am wearing is considered fashionable.  He cares about my heart.  Which, in case you didn't already figure it out, my heart was not a pretty sight this morning.  It was in a very selfish state.  It was caught up in a blame game. It was short tempered and quick to punish.  My heart had no room for grace.

Thank goodness grace is given to us freely because this morning I didn't deserve that grace, but I am thankful God is a God of second chances, of teaching me, quietly whispering, Savanna, just pray.  Talk to me about it.  I know.  I know everything that is going on.  With Me, you will find peace.  You will find grace, grace that you can give to your kids.   

So that is where my heart is today, pray and grace.  God gave me His grace freely and I need to remember, no, I need to choose to give the kids grace.  But to do that, I need to start my day off right.  I need to start it off with Him.

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Monday, November 18, 2013

4 months old

Miss Brighton was having the time of her life during this little monthly shoot.  Yes, it is a day shy of being a week late.  One, I didn't remember until, like, Wednesday afternoon and then the lighting was horrible.  Finally, on Sunday Brighton's happy mood and the sun aligned for a fun little session.  I think she was so happy because both mommy and daddy were jumping through hoops to get her to smile.  She was the center of attention, exactly where she likes to be.

I have no clue how much she weights or how long she is because we don't go in until Wednesday for her well baby visit.

Little things about Little Miss

  • Her favorite game to play is... sit on mommy's lap, flirt with anyone you see, then the minute they try to pick you up, scream like they are cutting off a limb.  It's fun I tell you.  Mommy's arm starts to feel like it is going to fall off, I give mommy the false hope that this time I am going to let someone pick me up, and then mommy slowly looses it or just wishes I would let her put me down because her arm and shoulder are cramping at this point.  
  • She is back to sleeping 12 hours.  Sometimes she will wake up around 6 am which is about an hour early but we just pop the pacifier back in, turn on the sea horse and she will usually be back asleep in a few minutes.
  • She took a 2 hour, no wake ups, nap in her crib this morning.   I thought that was a good sign and attempted to workout during the nap time she takes with the big 2.  Utter Fail!  My 60 minute work out took 2 1/2 hours.
  • Her dimples are adorable.  She doesn't show them off very often but they are there.
  • She DOES NOT like large crowds.  
  • Bristol and Eldon are still her favorite people in the whole world.  
As for clothing.  She is wearing 9 month tops, dresses, and body suits but needs 12 month pants.  At this point I am hoping we are going to be in 18 month stuff soon because that is the second round of girl winter stuff.  

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Milk productions, hoop jumping, and Christmas

Leaving the house Saturday was interesting to say the least.  The kids were loading up into the car when I remembered they needed their medicine. Back in the house we went. Take meds. Back to the car.  Crap, we didn't make them go potty. Since there is nothing between here and there on the hour and a half drive we have to pee. In we go to pee.  Eldon is working on standing up to pee, clean the toilet once he is done.  Back too the car. Do you have the keys, nope. Me either. In to get the keys. Out to the car.  Did you bring movies. Nope. Oh well I am not going back in. End scene.

Moo moo.  Or at least that is what my freezer looks like. 

That is 234 ounces, or 1.8 gallons, of milk.  Which equals me being able to be gone 7 days and then on the 8th day I would need to be home by our 11:30 am feeding with 2 ounces to spare.  This is a huge blessing to me.   I have never had supply issues before but back around September, after my 2nd round of mastitis, my supply dropped.  I was barely pumping 2 ounces, normally I get any where from 17/18 ounces first thing in the morning to 8/9 ounces at bed time.   At the time I had 3 days worth of supply in the freezer.   Thankfully by the time Brighton burned through it, my supply was back up for her, but I wasn't getting anything extra.  After doing a lot of research and trying several things, I found the only thing that worked for me was Mother's Love More Milk Plus.    Pricey, yes, but well worth the money.  I took it religiously for a month and over the last 2 weeks I tapered off of it.  I was worried that I would see a drop in my supply but over the last week I am still maintaining.   Now I have to figure out what to do with all of this milk.  


Well now I need to go pop the plug back in Brighton's mouth and remind Eldon to not take the bandage of of his thumb sucking hand.

And my deep thought for the day...

I am struggling with Christmas again.   I feel like everyone has just completely skipped over Thanksgiving and gone right onto Christmas.  Makes me a little sad,  I feel like we need to be thankful before we get into the greedy, guilt ridden, debt engorging season.   I want it to mean more.  We got a lot of gifts growing up but if you asked me what those gifts were, I could probably only tell you a handful of them, if that.  Instead I remember the puzzles we used to put together, the movies we would watch, and the games we played and all the good snack food we would eat on Christmas day.  That is what I want for my kids but more than anything I want them to know why we celebrate this wonderful day.  It is about Jesus and his birthday.  I want my kids to learn to give and expect nothing in return.  I don't want a world's view Christmas for them. 

Friday, November 15, 2013


I probably shouldn't be posting about instafriday because it is only 7:15 am and I have already decided there is no saving our day.

So I am going to fake it until I make it.  This week felt like a rough one.  But I don't think it was, I think that this morning is just clouding it.  Finally after a week of not sleeping her usual 12 hours, Brighton has decided to start sleeping again.  I wish I could say that means I am caught up on sleep but if possible, I am more tired than ever.  If you want to follow along in real time, I can be found @crazyrandombennetts

She is going to be some kind of superstar when she grows up.  
I just realized you can see Brighton in this picture.  

 Monday, Jeremy's day off, he built me my anniversary present.  Eldon was in the garage helping him during all of his waking hours.  
A sleeping Brighton

Since she was four months old Tuesday, we figured it was time to pull out the jumper.  She loves to play in it, until her brother and sister start trying to play with her

My MASSIVE anniversary present.   We currently have a table that we got from Walmart when we got married.  It has held up great for 8 years but it only seats four.  Since Brighton will be joining us soon we wanted something bigger and bigger it is.  This bad boy will seat 10 comfortably when it is done and we probably could shove 12-14 around it if we needed too.  

I told you, she is going to be some kind of super star

This one, she challenges me.  We had a horrible day on Wednesday.  One of those days where she was crying pretty much non stop.   Finally after what seemed like forever, she laid in my lap.  She played, snuggled, and laughed... it made the rough day all worth it.

Now, I shall go face down the kids.  Wish me luck!

Happy Friday

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