Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What I wore-- hospital edition


I sat here splitting my time between watching Eldon sleep, making sure his oxygen level doesn't drop below 96, and browsing the internet. I don't know how moms of chronically sick kids do it. Remember when I said on Sunday that I thought he might be getting croup. Well, was I right, but it has never come on this quick or been this bad. Sunday he was barking a little bit but nothing to bad so I gave him his allergy meds and started the nebulizer treatments. Monday morning he was sounding better but I still gave him an a.m. treatment. Around 11 am he started having an asthma like attack. He couldn't get any deep breaths in, he was coughing so so bad, and then all the sudden he started puking in between breaths. I was so scared. I have never been so scared. I was alternating between praying and freaking out. I tried to give him a treatment at home but it wasn't working. I didn't know if I should call the ambulance or make the drive myself. But since we live like .000000005 miles from the hospital I figured it was just as fast to take him myself. So after yelling at Bristol to put on shoes and putting Brighton in her car seat, I raced him to the ER. We ran, well as fast as one can run while caring an infant carseat, a non breathing toddler, and telling the walking 4 year old to hurry it up. They took us back right away. Hooked him up to a nebulizer with racemic in it and gave him a steroid shot within minutes. Thankfully he stopped coughing right away. But he didn't get any better after that. The meds were keeping him stable but he had to wear an oxygen mask because the swelling in his throat was so bad. At this time, I realized I didn't have Jeremy's work number, and since he was on the range, he didn't have reception. So here we are, in a very busy ER, with me trying to manage all 3 kiddos on my own and nurse who kept asking when someone was coming to help me with the kids. Thankfully, after about 2 hours, I finally remembered the last time I had called his work, so I looked up our phone bill and found the number. Everyone was at lunch but the secretary called me as soon as she was back to let me know that she put out a call to get a hold of Jeremy. He raced back down and got to the hospital at about 2 pm just in time to be told we we're being admitted for the night because Eldon wasn't improving like he needed too. Thankfully my amazing mother in law was able to come up after work to help out. She ended up staying that night, that way we didn't have to keep dragging Bristol and Brighton back and forth between the hospital and home. Jeremy stayed the night with him last night since I am still breastfeeding Brighton. That was hard. Leaving Eldon in the hospital. Not because I thought Jeremy would do a bad job, but because I wanted to be the one with him, making sure he was getting better. He didn't do as good as they wanted him to do last night he ended up needing another dose of the racemic so we are staying another night. My mother in law has to go back to work tomorrow so she went home, but she took Bristol to stay with my sister in law. Which will make things a little easier on us and her. She was having a hard time with Eldon being gone, this way she can have fun at Aunt Tawny's house and we only have to move Brighton back and forth.

So this is what we have today.  Phone pictures of my outfit, and an update on my poor little dude.   Hopefully tonight will go better, he won't have any drops in his oxygen levels, or need extra meds because then we will get to go home in the morning.  

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  1. Wow, how scary. Hope your little man did better thru the night so you get to go home today .

  2. Oh poor little guy! And poor mommy! That would have been so scary! I am so fortunate that in 7 years, and three kids, we've never had anything worse than colds, ear infections, and a rare and short lived tummy bug. Never had an ER visit or hospital stay. Saying a prayer for your little sweetie!


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