Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What I Wore-- blue and steampunk

Sweater// Very old
Top// Kohls

Necklace//Beads by Cathy

And these pictures are proof why I am not a fashion blogger. I can't strike a pose, I never pay attention to how my clothes look, and clearly, I need to fix the strap on my boot.  But lets talk about these boots. They are super awesome. I was craving a pair of booties. I mean, I really wanted them. And then the Target Cartwheel app sent me a coupon notification for 20% off boots on top of my 5% Red card discount.  I had to go look.  I found these. I love them a lot.

Something that makes me ridiculously happy, vacuum cleaner lines on the carpet.  Just call me Monk.

Last night I had every intention of blogging but I laid down on the couch at 8 p.m. to read for a few minutes and I passed out.

Somehow I managed to hurt my back really bad today.  I think it was when Eldon was throwing a major temper tantrum and I was moving him out of the hallway so he didn't wake up Brighton.   Hopefully it feels better in the morning.  If not, I will be trying out a local chiropractor.  

Well I think that is all I have today.   Happy Wednesday!

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