Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Today I am

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I was reading a post on The Mrs and The Momma about today I am, so I decided to join in.

... Feeling not so sure about this top.   I like it but I don't love it.   I am very long in my waist and feel like this shirt is a little too short.  The black pants on the other hand, I love them.  I wear them all the time.

...Really aware of how ackward I look in these what I wore pictures.   If they didn't encourage me to get dressed everday once a week, I would probably stop taking them.  Because clearly I am not a fashion blogger.

...Trying out a new eye drop.   I am so missing my contacts these days but my eyes are way to dry to even attempt contacts anymore.  I hate glasses, they are a finger print magnet.

...Feeling very rushed. This morning I had bible study. And even though I had all our stuff ready last night, nothing went as planned. Brighton woke up at 6 which most days wouldn't be a problem, but this morning I was right in the middle of getting ready for the day. Thankfully Jeremy was still here and had a few moments to spare, so he held her while I finished blow drying my hair. And of course she woke up the sleeping bear, Eldon.  I may or may not have kept him entertained with the Magic School Bus on the iPad. And just so you know, every bus we see is the magic school bus.

...Feeling like I am never going to get caught up. I swear I am going to start dreaming about the laundry attacking me. I do 2 loads at least every day and it is still never ending. Especially when Brighton decided to blow through all of her cloth diapers in one day, a supply that usually last me 2-3 days.  So I had to add another load to my already long list.

...Feeling boxed in. I like my space. This is like the worst possible thing for a mom of 3 to crave. I like my schedules. The kids, they don't believe in either of those things.

...Feeling contentment. How is that possible, Savanna, have you read the first part of this post? Yes I have. But I am finally starting to meet people here. Jeremy is slightly worried I will want to stay in this town.

...Craving granola. Brighton is asleep in the swing out here in the living room so I can't make any because the food processor will wake her up when I am chopping the nuts.

...Having a nervous breakdown about the dirty floor. We have to wait for this weekend to pick up a new vacuum, and in the mean time, I have to live with dirty floors. 3 kids, 3 dogs, and 2 adults makes for a very messy floor.

...Feeling very grateful for Jeremy. He came home for lunch today which was just plain awesome. I had gotten home from bible study late, Brighton was letting me know just how much she does not appreciate waiting for her meals, Eldon and Bristol were settling back into the house. I still needed to pump after I fed Brighton. I got a text at Noon, which is our usual lunch time, saying he was coming home. A huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. He came home, made all of us lunch, hung out with the kiddos, and listened to me vent about the laundry and Brighton, the schedule hater.

...Looking forward to this weekend. We are going to the pumpkin patch with Jeremy's family for the 3rd year in a row. I am determinded to get a family picture.

...Frustrated. Brighton is waking up, she has only been asleep 10 minutes. So I should probably sign off.

Happy Wednesday

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  1. Yay! So happy you did your version! I love it...very honest! :)
    Xx, Kristen

  2. We are using the Magic School Bus as the base for our science curriculum! We just watch and episode, get some books from the library, and maybe do a craft or activity that goes along with it. So you weren't just keeping E busy, you were educating. :)


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