Sunday, October 6, 2013

Our weekend

Well, in case you were wondering if Brighton had gotten sick from Bristol and Eldon, the answer is Yes.   She seems to be doing a lot better today but the last 2 days she has been pretty miserable.  She has a little cough and very watery eyes.   But in good news, at least for Jeremy, all she has wanted to do is be held by daddy.   If he had the boob juice she would probably do away with me all together as she is only tolerating me for feedings right now.  

It may have taken her forever to like the swing but by golly, she is loving it these days.   Nope, I don’t care that she takes all her naps in it.   Eldon slept in the thing till he was to heavy for it to move. 

Dearest small household appliances,
STOP BREAKING.    I do not want new things.  I like you, toaster, you have been with us for almost 8 years, you are a faithful toaster.  The noise you are making now is scary, and makes me think you are about to die a sad toaster death.   I don’t want that.   I know exactly how you work.  I can reheat the kids waffles in my sleep with you.    I know I just replaced your friend the crock pot, although, that wasn't a huge inconvenience.  But shall I remind you how traumatizing it was when my faithful coffee maker died?  We wont even talk about the horror of the temporary coffeemaker that eventually got replaced because it ruined coffee.   And now for the biggest trouble maker of you all, the vacuum cleaner.  I knew you were dying by the fact that Jeremy has had to operate on you every time I have used you in the last  month, but I was hoping you would hold out until after Eldon’s birthday.  Was that too much to ask? 4 months?  Really!?!   I guess it was, since you decided to die a smelly, loud, messy, painful death Friday.  Why couldn't you wait until this Thursday so I could at least hop on over to Costco the next day and get a replacement.  Instead, we have to have dirty carpet for a whole week.  

Yes, I just wrote a whole tirade on things breaking.  It was annoying me, so I thought I would share it with you.   As you can see, we pretty much all have cabin fever from the hospital stay and now being stuck in the house until hopefully only tomorrow, but we shall see what the doctor says.  Hopefully it is,  Eldon is cool to be around other kiddos because I really don’t want to miss free child care  Bible Study again this week. 
Hoarder!   Nope, just trying to change out Brighton’s clothing and put away the too-small stuff for the big 2.  Can you believe Brighton is already in 6 month clothing?  Yeah, me neither.  Oh, but good news, I found all the bloomers to her newborn dresses… a little too late. 

Well now that I have bored you to sleep, I think I shall go hop on the treadmill and run off a little bit of my hatred towards my toaster.

Happy Monday!

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  1. Oh, the clothing shift! So annoying, and kinda makes me jealous. I wish I could just start my wardrobe over every season!


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