Monday, October 28, 2013

Lots of laundry

I started writing this last night, then I decided I would much rather clean off my sewing table.  It was in serious need of help.  I go in cycles.  Sometimes, I keep it really clean but other times it looks like this.   And because I usually have very limited time to craft, I just push it all to the side to make room for my latest project.  

Ignore the pile of clothes behind the couch.  I am working on putting those away this week.  Though would be all of the girl clothes in newborn through 6 months.  Can you believe Brighton is already wearing 9 month stuff.  She is my little beastly 3 month old.  

I didn't wash laundry Saturday or Sunday.  Can you tell?  6 loads later, I am finally caught up.   That is right, 6 loads over 2 days.  Craziness.  There is a laundry basket somewhere under that pile.  

During Brighton's nap this morning she work up after about 30 minutes, since I was in the middle of vacuuming, I decided to hurry up and finish her room.  Yeah, she went back to sleep.  I love that my kiddos fall asleep to the vacuum, hair dryer, and even yesterday she fell asleep to the food processor when I was making granola.  

Church on Sunday mornings... is rough.   At least getting out the door.  When we lived in Colorado we did Saturday night service.  Since the church had a cafe we would go about an hour early, eat dinner, drop the kiddos off in the nursery, and then make our way to the chapel.  It was very stress free.  So we have never really done the whole Sunday morning rush to get out the door thing before, but yesterday we did.  I know eventually we will get into a better routine but just getting out the door this morning was enough too make me scream and stay home.   Like Jeremy said, God really must have something he wants us to hear today because it is very hard to get there.  And yes He did.

Like I mentioned on Friday, I missed the Tom's sale this weekend.  I had a 2nd chance to go but after talking it over with Jeremy and being exhausted from doing all our shopping, I still decided not to go.  I mean, I already have 4 pairs... did I really need another pair?  Oh well, there will be another one in the spring and I will go and stock up on the kiddos shoes then.  

Joann's during the holidays, is horrible.  I went Saturday to get the stuff for a few projects, including Brighton's Halloween costume and it was a nightmare.  Now I remember why I avoid the store from October till January.

Crafting makes me so happy!  I made Little Miss a pacifier clip and I love how it turned out.  But it also cheered me up as well.  My snap tool on the other hand, is worthless.  I ended up doing it the old fashion way with a hammer.  

Now I need to go read my bible study.  Its a 6 days of lessons each week and I have done 1.  It is due tomorrow.  Whoops!   

Happy Monday!

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  1. Oh, Sunday mornings... They can be pretty rough around here, too. Things definitely run smoother when I pick out everyone's clothes Saturday night. But we still have trouble getting to church on time. Better late than never! And laundry, AH! It's never ending!! I usually end up washing like 8 loads in one day, once a week... But by the time I have it all folded and put away, there are 8 more loads to wash..


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