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InstaFriday- 10.3.2013

This week was, well, not the smoothest.  But it wasn't bad.  Hard, that is probably the word for it.  Eldon got released from the hospital yesterday afternoon with orders to stay inside and rest.  Clearly the doctor didn't realize that sitting in a hospital bed for 3 days was all the resting he was going to do because today he was up to his usual antics but at a little slower speed.   I am just happy to see him feeling better, hopefully the wind wont stir things back up.  

Now on to the instagram pics.  You can find me @crazyrandombennetts.   Since I never got around to writing this post last Friday means you get 2 weeks worth.  Aren't you lucky?

Our park adventure

2 weekends ago it was beautiful here.  Like temperatures in the low 80's.  We took full advantage of it, knowing it was short lived.  In case you were wondering, the beginning of this week we were back in the 90's.  

tulle bed skirt// pallet project starts// pallet project finished
That same weekend, I got my craft on.   I finally finished Brighton's bed skirt.  Which hopefully, if we don't have any major upsets this week, I will post on Tuesday or Thursday.  Then I broke out my pallet.   

gel nails// Bristol letters// mantel project//ripped stitches

My mother in law has all the stuff to do gel nails at her house.  Which I love, but I always forget to do it when we are there.  So when my sister in law pulled it down, I decided to join in on the fun.  They turned out way better than the first time I experimented with them.  

Bristol hung out at grandma's house while we ran to Costco and Joann's.  She was emailing me and drinking her coffee while I was gone.

The pallet from above is almost finished.  I realized I forgot to write Romans 12:10 on it.   I still have a few projects left before I am done with the mantel.  I am going to paint the vase, something similar to this.  I also want to use that frame to display my favorite instragms but first in needs a color makeover.  I am thinking yellow.  

This is the shirt I was wearing in Wednesday's post.  I didn't like how the neck turned out so I had to fix it.   Boy, I hate ripping stitches.   

My little early bird// Picture mommy// Me and the big 2//  The swing wins

Back on the treadmill
Haha.  This is a joke.  I have only ran once in the last 2 weeks.  I am going to try and run again tomorrow because I am missing The Voice.  Working out after the 3rd kid is hard.  It's like, all my time isn't accounted for, or something.  
Our first solo grocery adventure
This was last week.  Yep, I had managed to avoid the grocery store on my own for 11 whole weeks.   But it went really good.  Brighton was happy to snooze away in the Ergo and the big 2 were happy to be decently behaved for a bag of M&M's at the end.   Seriously, the worst part, was getting the kids out of the house and getting back in the house.  

Sleepy baby// bucket head// my guys// 11 weeks
 Since we were in the hospital this week Brighton ended up taking a lot of naps on me, which is something she never does.  I loved it.   And today when all she wanted to do was be held, I may have given in.  She is growing up way too fast.  I can't believe she will be 12 weeks old tomorrow.

Eldon actually asked me to take is "titure"  His little smile, lights up our world.

My guys are pretty darn handsome.

Looking way too grown up.
hospital time
This was hard.   It was a super scary experience when we went to the ER.   Thankfully Eldon handled it like a champ.  He never complained about anything, took his medicine, did the breathing treatments, and only tried to put a grape in his oxygen tube once.   All the nurses and doctors were amazed at how well he handled everything.  I am really hoping now that he is back on his allergy medications that it wont get this bad again but I just don't know.  I am praying about it.   It was hard seeing him so weak.  It was hard having to leave him at night, even if Jeremy stayed with him.   It was hard watching someone else make him feel better, knowing there was nothing I could do.  I know God is in control and he never gives us more than we can handle but Monday as I was rushing Eldon out the door, it was more than I could handle.  Thankfully we have a wonderful support system in Jeremy's family.  They were able to step in and take care of the girls so Jeremy and I could be with Eldon as much as possible.   Wednesday night when we got home from the hospital, one of the girls I do MOPs with, dropped off a meal for us which was so so nice.   And in the end, when I look back on it all, wasn't more than I could handle, it was just rough.  

So there you have it, its been an interesting 2 weeks around these parts.   

Now I am going to have a nice cup of hot chocolate since we are out of wine and just wind down.  Maybe I will even get crazy and cuddle on the couch with Jeremy!

What are you doing this weekend?  As much as I just want to craft, I need to mow the lawn and try to restore some order to our house in disarray.  Plus I have to wash all of the 6 month clothes because Brighton is busting out of her 3 month stuff.

Happy Friday!

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