Thursday, October 10, 2013


This week wasn't too bad.  I felt like it was dragging at first, but Friday has arrived rather quickly.  Shall we take a look at what my instagram feed says I have been up to?   You can find me @crazyrandombennetts.
Miss Brighton wasn't feeling well at all last weekend, she ended up sleeping on Jeremy most days.  

My husband has mad baking skills.  Homemade hamburger buns.  They were delicious. I have been fantasizing about them since that night.   

She was 12 weeks old last Friday.  Saturday she will be 3 months old.  Too fast, Little Miss, too fast.  

 I am not going to lie.  It has been an adjustment with Brighton.  She is a little girl who likes her attention.  The big 2 have been at the loosing end lately. And then with Eldon being in the hospital last week, Bristol was the only one who got pushed aside.   Thankfully my Mother In Law and Sister In Law stepped in to spoil her while we were dealing with it all but still we wanted to do something special for her.   I heard about Home Depot's kids building class, mentioned it to Jeremy Saturday morning at 8:40 a.m., and they were out the door 15 minutes later.   She had a total blast and got to do something special with daddy.

This kids ask to walk on my treadmill all the time.   I am happy they know what it is for, I want to model a healthy lifestyle for them.  But on this particular day, they wanted to use my treadmill to play with their trains.  

A baby in overalls is the cutest.  If I could have an entire wardrobe of overalls for Brighton I would. 

 For the first time ever, I didn't get carded. Apparently at 27, I finally look old enough to buy alcohol.   I still haven't opened this bottle.  Every time I plan too, I get to tired and go to bed instead.  But soon, I will be enjoying me some wine.
I am a controlling individual.  Crazy controlling.  I don't believe in letting the kids pick out their clothes, or get dressed on their own.  But a few weeks ago, it was like 4 p.m. and Bristol kept asking to get dressed.  It had been a rough day.  Brighton wasn't letting me put her down, and there was no way I could get them dressed.  So I decided to hand over a little control.  I let them get dressed on their own.  Of course I still picked out the outfit.   And slowly, over the last few weeks, I have given up control.  I let the kids pick out their own clothes now, and they get themselves dressed.  Which means some days, backwards pants.   But, you know what, my crazy controlling self doesn't care because getting the kids dressed is one less thing I have to worry about.   Now, when can Bristol start brushing her own hair?

We have a serious addiction.  If you have never had these before, buy them, devour them, and then thank me.  They just happened to be on sale for less than 3 dollars a box.

 Music.  This girl loves her music.  I would love to get her into music lessons-- singing, guitar, piano, percussion, you name it, I would pay for it.   Not because I think she will be some kind of child star, nope, because of the huge smile and the joy that radiates from her when she is making music.  She is also really good at memorizing lyrics, she has almost all the words to Mandisa's, Overcomer and Strong Foundation by Rocky Mountain Calvary Worship.  I still have to read the lyrics.
Tonight at dinner I was sitting there thinking, I wish the kids would just listen, stop arguing and whining so that I can do something fun with them, like bake cookies.  Then I though, why?  Why do I wait for the perfect moments?  They don't come.  This is our life right now and if I keep waiting for those perfect moments I am going to miss out on making memories with them.  So we baked cookies.  Sure they fought over who was going to get to put what into the mixer but we had fun, ate way too much egg filled cookie dough, and I got to make a special memory.  Best of all, Jeremy cleaned the kitchen afterwards.  

Well that was our week.  Memories were made.  And no appliances broke.

What are you doing this weekend?  We are headed to the pumpkin patch on Saturday and I am super excited about that.  

Happy Friday.  

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