Monday, October 14, 2013

3 Months Old


I love seeing her under the God Gave Me You sign every month, it is so true.  
3 months old!  I am not even quite sure, how we are already here.  It seems like just yesterday I was a hot, sweaty,swollen mess writing my 39 week post and cursing the fact that I was 39 weeks pregnant in the middle of a hot and humid streak.  

Brighton Ann, 
You are our most stubborn littlest one yet.  At 3 months old, you already know exactly how you want things, and you never let anyone stop you.  I love how squishy you are getting.  Your big gummy grins always come at the perfect moment, right when mommy and daddy are about to have a break down.  You challenge me, frustrate me, but most of all you make my heart happy.  I love you beautiful Little Miss.  

Milestones... Lets see, she is pretty much sitting up on her own when in our laps or on the couch.  She still rolls front to back but hasn't quite gotten the back to front and it is really frustrating her.  She has started putting everything in her mouth, blankets are her favorite thing to chew.  If Bristol and Eldon are in the room, she will do some interesting moves just to be able to watch them.  

Are you shocked to see this picture?  Yeah, so am I.  After 3 months we finally gave in and tried a pacifier.  She loves it.  It has helped her take naps over the last 2 days.  Before, she would maybe take a morning nap for an hour or 2 but that was it unless I gave in and put her in the ergo.  The rest of the day she would be a screaming, grumpy messy.  Jeremy and I were worn out.  We had no leftover energy for the big 2.  So we finally decided it was time.  Do I regret giving in?  Yes, a little but being able to sit at the table and paint Bristol's nail while Brighton was peacefully sleeping, was totally worth it.  It may be like the swing and in a few days she will completely reject it, but for now, we are taking a little breather and enjoying the peace it has brought.  Would I use one again if we have another?  Probably not, at least I wouldn't bring one to the hospital with us.  I would try everything else before I gave in again.   


  1. You know, having you as a mom to my grandkids is really precious. I know you're a great wife and mother, but I want you to know it too. We have been blessed to have you added to our family, and blogs like this prove that. The pacifier works! Use it!


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