Thursday, October 31, 2013

Instafriday: 10.31.2013 and Halloween

Personally, I think I had the cutest Tinkerbell, Buzz, and Boo (Monsters Inc) ever!  The kids had so much fun at the Harvest Festival tonight.   

So my last 2 weeks of instadump have been lacking, apparently I decided that needed to stop, so I flooded the instafeed this week.  If you want to keep up in real time you can find me @crazyrandombennetts

I took Fuss on a special Mommy date on Friday.  It was a lot of fun spending a little one on one time with my biggest.  

I love this thing.  Had I known that battery powered snot suckers existed before I ordered the nosefrida I would have went that route but I didn't. Jeremy refuses to use it and sticks to the bulb syringe.

I thought this was super cute

I don't know why but this week someone has been extra snuggly.   I didn't want to put her down.

Brighton hates the nursery at church.  She is in it at least twice a week and then 3 times every other week.  She hates it so much, that when I am in bible study, I can here her screaming from half way across the building.  So I always end up getting her.   This was after church on Sunday, she didn't nap for them and was extra grumpy when I picked her up.  Five minutes into being home, she was passed out cold.

It's still clean!

I held her for 2 hours last night. 

It was a very good week, this week.  A lot of fun little things happening.   

Did you have fun this week as well?

Happy Friday!

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What I wore: Stripes and Marriage

My I got to pee stance.

Necklace//Beads by Cathy

Marriage. I have a heart for marriage. It pains me when I hear from a friend that there is strife in the marriage, because for me, my marriage to Jeremy is a comfort. It is a feeling of home, a feeling of acceptance, and my support system. I don’t want to say it's easy and effortless, but sometimes it feels that way. But when you really look deeper it isn't effortless because there is a constant labor of passion to do things for each other that strengthen our bond. For me, marriage is easy, parenting is where I struggle.  Seriously struggle.  Some of the best advice we every received was from my father in law during our premarital counseling. He said that we should never talk bad about one another to anyone else because it is opening the door for problems. And that really stuck with me. It made sense, and to this day, I try to live that. I can also remember when I was working at a preschool during our time in Wyoming, we were newlyweds of almost 4 months, every morning when the moms were dropping off their kids, they would sit there and bitch about their husbands. Right in front of their kids and me, a complete stranger. One of the other teachers must have seen my shocked expression and commented “Once the newlywed phase wears off, you will have something to complain about too.” Um, NO! I never wanted to be like that, what if one of their husbands walked in and heard all the awful things they had to say about him. I would assume they would be pretty shook up, I know I would be if it was me. Don’t take this to mean I never think unkind thoughts about Jeremy because that isn't the truth. There are plenty of times I want to yell and scream and say mean stuff. But what would that help. I know for me, if he did that to me, I would have a hard time forgetting the hurt, but most of all, I would have a hard time forgiving. I know God calls us to forgive. But sometimes, it is hard. Sometimes I wake up saying to the Lord, today, I am trying to forgive. I am not there yet, but I know with your help and your help alone, that I will get there. That one day, I will wake up and realize, I have lost that grudge by God’s strength alone. I never want to be that way with Jeremy.  So here I am, thinking about how in less than 2 weeks Jeremy and I will have been married for 8 years. 8 years! That is craziness. In that time we have had highs, lows, major stresses, and scares.  Over the last 2 years we have faced a lot of hard times together.  We have laughed, we have cried, but through it all, I know that I couldn't do it without Jeremy. He is the one who tells me I need to take something to God when I am being particularly stubborn.  He is the one who will come home from work, read the distress in my expression, and send me to our room to relax while he takes over dinner and kid duty. He is the one who loves me unselfishly. He is an amazing man who is always quick to model God’s love. And that makes it easy to love him, to do this crazy life together. Because I know when I give to him unselfishly, when I put him before my own needs, he will give right back to me. It may not be right at that moment but it will come. For that I am thankful. I am thankful for a God who loves me so much, who knows me so well, that He gave me Jeremy. That He gave me a heart for marriage. Because the only reason our marriage is easy and effortless is because we both put God first. We both know that without God, our marriage would be nothing. It would be a huge mess.

Love each other with genuine affection, take delight in honoring each other.
Romans 12:10

Always be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other’s faults because of your love. Make every effort to keep yourselves united in the Spirit, binding yourselves together with peace.
Ephesians 4:2-3

Let no one split apart what God has joined.
Mark 10:9

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Lots of laundry

I started writing this last night, then I decided I would much rather clean off my sewing table.  It was in serious need of help.  I go in cycles.  Sometimes, I keep it really clean but other times it looks like this.   And because I usually have very limited time to craft, I just push it all to the side to make room for my latest project.  

Ignore the pile of clothes behind the couch.  I am working on putting those away this week.  Though would be all of the girl clothes in newborn through 6 months.  Can you believe Brighton is already wearing 9 month stuff.  She is my little beastly 3 month old.  

I didn't wash laundry Saturday or Sunday.  Can you tell?  6 loads later, I am finally caught up.   That is right, 6 loads over 2 days.  Craziness.  There is a laundry basket somewhere under that pile.  

During Brighton's nap this morning she work up after about 30 minutes, since I was in the middle of vacuuming, I decided to hurry up and finish her room.  Yeah, she went back to sleep.  I love that my kiddos fall asleep to the vacuum, hair dryer, and even yesterday she fell asleep to the food processor when I was making granola.  

Church on Sunday mornings... is rough.   At least getting out the door.  When we lived in Colorado we did Saturday night service.  Since the church had a cafe we would go about an hour early, eat dinner, drop the kiddos off in the nursery, and then make our way to the chapel.  It was very stress free.  So we have never really done the whole Sunday morning rush to get out the door thing before, but yesterday we did.  I know eventually we will get into a better routine but just getting out the door this morning was enough too make me scream and stay home.   Like Jeremy said, God really must have something he wants us to hear today because it is very hard to get there.  And yes He did.

Like I mentioned on Friday, I missed the Tom's sale this weekend.  I had a 2nd chance to go but after talking it over with Jeremy and being exhausted from doing all our shopping, I still decided not to go.  I mean, I already have 4 pairs... did I really need another pair?  Oh well, there will be another one in the spring and I will go and stock up on the kiddos shoes then.  

Joann's during the holidays, is horrible.  I went Saturday to get the stuff for a few projects, including Brighton's Halloween costume and it was a nightmare.  Now I remember why I avoid the store from October till January.

Crafting makes me so happy!  I made Little Miss a pacifier clip and I love how it turned out.  But it also cheered me up as well.  My snap tool on the other hand, is worthless.  I ended up doing it the old fashion way with a hammer.  

Now I need to go read my bible study.  Its a 6 days of lessons each week and I have done 1.  It is due tomorrow.  Whoops!   

Happy Monday!

Friday, October 25, 2013


I just ate a rediculious amount of Chips Ahoy.  Like make my stomach hurt amount. And here I was wondering why the baby fat isn't melting off!

I threw out my back cleaning up my house on Wednesday for my mom's arrival and I am sad to say my back and the house don't look good.  I walking around lopsided.  It is pretty funny to see.

I was supposed to go to the Tom's warehouse sale this weekend, but I don't think my back is going to cooperate.

Brighton has had a very boogery nose this week, so I ordered a nosefrida, I am weirdly excited to suck my child's boogers out of her nose.

I have been toying with changing the blog name yet again.   I know, crazy right?  If I do change it, this will be the last time.  I should have just stuck with my simple address.

The other day, I may have made a very stupid remark to Jeremy about how I already had to many pairs of shoes and that I didn't need anymore.  At the time I was very serious, then I saw these.

I want a pair of mocassins.   But I know I wont be getting them, unless someone decideds to gift them too me.  Size 9 please.

I have been a major instagram slacker this week.  I did manage to catch a few pictures but not many.

our first time bowling

I really should just put him in a bubble.  

 This is Jeremy's favorite.  Well ALL the Bennett's favorite, except me.  I know, first I don't love peanut butter and now I balk at tooth paste ice cream, its a wonder I am allowed to call myself  a Bennett still.  Anyways, I saw it as I was checking out at the store the other day.  Since it will only be around for a couple months I decided Jeremy needed a container.
Such a happy little girl, sometimes!

 Tuesday I tried out something new.  As soon as Jeremy got home from work at 4, I ran.  It was awesome.  I wasn't exhausted like I normally am and night.  I deemed this the perfect time to run and was going to keep it up.  Then my back laughed at me.  One day, I will return to regularly scheduled exercise.
Can she was my car too?

I really need to paint my toe nails tonight, since it is supposed to be in the high 80's for the next couple days.

Well my computer says it is 8:49, my eyeballs feel like they are about to fall out, so I should probably get some sleep.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What I Wore-- blue and steampunk

Sweater// Very old
Top// Kohls

Necklace//Beads by Cathy

And these pictures are proof why I am not a fashion blogger. I can't strike a pose, I never pay attention to how my clothes look, and clearly, I need to fix the strap on my boot.  But lets talk about these boots. They are super awesome. I was craving a pair of booties. I mean, I really wanted them. And then the Target Cartwheel app sent me a coupon notification for 20% off boots on top of my 5% Red card discount.  I had to go look.  I found these. I love them a lot.

Something that makes me ridiculously happy, vacuum cleaner lines on the carpet.  Just call me Monk.

Last night I had every intention of blogging but I laid down on the couch at 8 p.m. to read for a few minutes and I passed out.

Somehow I managed to hurt my back really bad today.  I think it was when Eldon was throwing a major temper tantrum and I was moving him out of the hallway so he didn't wake up Brighton.   Hopefully it feels better in the morning.  If not, I will be trying out a local chiropractor.  

Well I think that is all I have today.   Happy Wednesday!

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Goals, Scores, and Strikes

I realize I am once again expecting too much. I want to get the same amount of stuff done in a day but with Brighton that isn't possible. So once again I am going to try and let go. I am going to consider myself a success for the day if I can get us all dressed, hair done, teeth brushed, and fed. Everything else will just be bonus points. And today wasn't one of those success days-- Eldon wore his pj's all day and Bristol's hair was a mess.

I wrote on Friday that I needed my quiet time and so far I have been doing okay. I skipped it this morning but we did watch church and boy was it good lesson on treating everyone the same, rich or poor.

Eldon is sick again. It is scaring me, I am not going to lie. I am terrified we are going to end up back in the hospital. I am praying about it. And also trying to think up ways to help him. I think we are going to put an air purifier in his room, as well as take him in this week to see about changing his medications.   

Friday we hit up the local bowling alley.  Jeremy's boss is being moved to another position so they had a going away party for him.  It was a lot of fun.  I thought it would be complete chaos and was not looking forward to it but it is definitely a do again.  The food wasn't half bad either.  

That's all I have today.   

Happy Monday.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


This week has been a hard one.  I am struggling with the kids.  Brighton challenges me in a way the big 2 never did at this age.  But don't worry, they are making up for it challenging me now that they are older.   I feel like I am always 2 steps behind them.   The house is a mess, I am constantly forgetting things, and most of all I am exhausted.   A while back, before Brighton was born, I started getting up an hour earlier than normal to shower, get ready for the day, and if I was lucky, have some quiet time with God to start my day out right.  But getting up before the kids is really hard for me, I don't like the mornings.  Jeremy knows not to take anything I say growl at him seriously.   But the kids caught on to my routine and for the last 2 weeks they have been getting up with me.  It has been starting my day off horrible.  Because I am selfish, I want my nice long hot shower to be uninterrupted, I want to be able to get dressed without the kiddos asking a thousand questions about my wonderful postpartum body.  I want so many things, but the one thing I need the most, I forget about the easiest.   I need my quiet time, but most of all I should want my quiet time with God more than my hot shower or uninterrupted dressing time.   Instead I am so frazzled and worn out that by the time I think about sitting down to read my bible, I just don't.  Instead I choose to loose myself in blog reading and social media.  Not good.  So tomorrow, even though I am sure it will be the same old song and dance as the last few days, I am not going to open up feedly, instagram, or facebook until I have filled myself up another way.  Because I don't need to get lost to make things better, I need to turn it over.  I need to give it to the One who can handle it far better than I can.

Whoops that was a little deeper than my usual Instafriday post, but that's okay.   So without further ado here is our week in pictures.

Oh wait I have to tell you about nap time for Brighton today.  It involved her in the swing, with the music and mobile going, music on the iPad, blower dryer on the white noise machine aka my phone, pacifier in her mouth, and me swinging the swing harder anytime she so much as flinched.... but it worked.  I got a wonderful, much needed 2 hour break and I got to finish Dee Henderson's latest book.  Which was really good by the way, it is making me want to go back and reread the O'Malley series for the 100th time.

Bumbo time for the Little Miss

Um, we needed stuff from Costco, Jeremy suggested getting the kiddos a treat, I suggested something much better

Hanging out at the pumpkin patch

Trying oh so hard to roll over.

My girls

These dogs are saints when it comes to the kiddos, everything else, not so much.

As I mentioned above the kiddos have been waking up super early.  Brighton isn't hungry but she wants to nurse back to sleep.  This morning I was already in the process of pumping so that wasn't possible.  Instead I turned on the blow dryer and finished pumping/getting ready for the day.  She was out right after I took this picture and went back to sleep for another hour.  

Well that is all I have on this late Thursday night!  I think I should probably head to bed.

Happy Friday!

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