Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What I wore

Proof that my hair was down at the beginning of the day.  

Top//Forever 21
Jewelry//Beads by Cathy

The anti napper is napping right now and the big 2 are playing with Play-Doh set Bristol got for her birthday so I figured I would get my blog on.

If you know me you know I do not think brown and black go together at ALL.  But when I was choosing my sweater for the day I just couldn't get past this brown cardigan.  I thought it would look absolutely prefect with the jewelry my mother in law gave me for my birthday.  Boy was I right, I loved the combination.  I still don't think brown and black works together all the time but there are times it can work and this was obviously one of them.

This weekend was so much fun, we did the beach on Sunday then drove down to Del Mar that night stayed in a hotel and hit up the San Diego Zoo Monday.  Can I just say family outings are way more fun than stress filled parties.  I vote we do something special like this for every birthday from now on.

Unfortunately Sunday night I started getting super sick.  I had the chills so bad that I was shaking for about an hour and then Monday morning when I woke up I was super fatigued.  But we had travel all that way and it was Bristol's special celebration so I was determined to keep on going.  I did make it all the way through the Zoo.  I slept all the way home Monday night.  I was feeling so weak and fatigued.  I thought it was just over exposure to the sun but yesterday I woke up with signs of Mastitis.   It kicks my butt.  This is like the worst illness I have ever had.  It leaves me with extreme fatigue, I am so weak I can't even pick up Brighton, 101 degree fever, and my whole body is sore especially my neck.  Thankfully Jeremy was able to stay home yesterday and the doctor called me in a prescription so while I am not 100% today I am feeling a lot better and I am no longer scared to carry Brighton around for fear of my arms giving out and me dropping her.  I never got this with the big 2 but this is my second round of it with Brighton and I am really hoping I never get it again because it is so not fun.

Hopefully tomorrow I will feel well enough and can organize my thoughts to recap Bristol's birthday weekend but for now this will have to work.

Now I am going to relax and ignore the huge pile of laundry in our room along with all the bags that need to be unpacked and all the sand that we brought home from the beach that needs to make its way back outside.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Oh you look SO CUTE! Love the brown and black together.
    Sounds like the BEST weekend! I wish we lived close to the beach!


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