Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What I wore--Plaid and Denim

top//Old Navy
jeans// Ross
earrings//Beads By Cathy

I am craving boots, flannel, thick sweaters, and scarves.  Instead I am wearing a  light weight button up, jeans, and sandals.

I am not looking at the camera here because I have a serious case of cold sores going on.  Like my worst ever outbreak.  I got sunburned at the beach last Sunday and that, along with the antibiotics for mastitis, my lip decided to rebel against me.   It has been so long since I have had an outbreak and I have never had one this bad before.  It is finally starting to look better today so hopefully soon I can go out in public without people starting at me and acting like I am frighteningly contagious.   A few people have been kind about them, like the PA I saw last Wednesday when I went in for a prescription to prevent further ones, and the lady at the Costco eye counter who said she couldn't even imagine the pain I was in.  At that point my lip looked like it has been stung by a bee because it was so swollen, but otherwise, the population has been rude.  Like the pediatrician yesterday, who made me feel like a horrible mother because I was holding Brighton with my lip bleeding the way it was.  Its not enough that I can't kiss her little forehead in the morning when she wakes up, that I couldn't give her a kiss after her shots yesterday, or kiss the big 2's owies, when Eldon crawls in my lap for a post nap snuggle all I can do is hug him not give him a million kisses, or that Bristol is going to bed every night with just a hug and no kiss, you have to make me feel terrible about it.  So sorry Doctor High and Mighty.  Yes, I know they are super contagious, I have lived with them for the last 20 years.  But I have managed to be married to Jeremy for 8 years without giving them to him, and Bristol is 4 years old and I haven't given them to her either, so I think it is okay that I hold my baby!  Especially since I am her main comforter and source of food.

I have been really slacking on getting dressed, so much so, that I know exactly how many days of yoga pants I have before I need to do our laundry.  It is 3 in case you are wondering.   I need to get back in my grove.  It has been so long since I put on make up or did anything to my hair.

Most days I do fine with living here, but something bad happens, and I lose my contentment. Yesterday it happened at Brighton's doctors appointment.  They were impersonal, inconsiderate, and rude.  Bristol has better bedside manners when her and Eldon are playing doctor.   I started to really miss our pediatrician back in Colorado.  They were always super friendly and helpful.  They made the kids feel welcome.  It is challenging to not look back sometimes.  Most days I know we were no happier there but at least we had a really good church, doctors, and a good MOPs group.   But here we have family.  It is hard.

Wow that was all over the place, but what is new around here.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. So sorry about the cold sores and the stupid doctor! My hubby gets cold sores, but in the 11 years we've been together, I've still never had one, and neither have any of our kids. I know they're super painful and annoying, though! :(

  2. Awwwwww... So sorry about the doctor girl! You look stunning and I love those earrings!


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