Thursday, September 5, 2013

Today-- 7 weeks, 2 years, and 3 years

6:43 am--roll out of bed 
 My alarm has been going off since 5:50 am and Jeremy has been trying to wake me up since 6:20 am to say good bye yet I was determined to sleep.  But now I need to get my shower in before Brighton wakes up.   Not much luck, I was half way through my shower when I hear her cries on the baby monitor.  No make up or hair this morning.  Maybe I will finish it up later.  
7:00 am-- feed Brighton 

7:45 am-start breakfast, make coffee.
I am sure going to regret the black coffee later when Brighton is spitting up but we are out of vanilla syrup to make a latte and I NEED coffee this morning.  I just can't wake up.

8:00 am --Brighton takes a nap

9-10:30 am-- Chore time
Today I cleaned the bathrooms, threw 2 loads of laundry in, hung them on the clothes line, and folded yesterdays laundry.  Good thing you can't see the living room or kitchen because they have been declared a national disaster and there is no hope for recovery.  

10:30 am-- relax. 
I try to paint my nails every Wednesday or Thursday so I remove last weeks color and put down my base coat.  I like to let it dry at leas an hour before I start painting on the final color.  

11:05 am-- wake Brighton for lunch
Brighton is snoozing through her lunch time.  I refuse to wake a baby to eat at night but I try to keep her on a schedule during the day.  Looks like today we are eating every 4 hours some days it is every 3 hours.  

Noon-- lunch time. 
Totally forgot to take a picture before I inhaled it. 

12:15- Finish up my nails
Fashion safari is the color. Even though it is a barely there color I am absolutely in love with it. I am thinking of painting my toe nails later since my last pedicure was the day before Brighton was born almost 8 weeks ago. 

12:30 pm-- Brighton Nap and Big Kid outside time.
Brighton fell asleep in her bouncy seat while we were eating lunch so I move her to the play pin in our room and then me and big 2 head outside to wear ourselves out for nap time. The downside to Eldon and Brighton sharing a room is that her afternoon nap ends before Eldon wakes up so I still use the play pin in our room.

1 pm-- Big kid nap time
I put the big 2 down early for nap time because they were not listening but oh wait Brighton is waking back up. Guess I can kiss my afternoon break good bye. Although I don't blame Brighton the thermostat is reading 90 right now. No one can sleep in that miserableness.  

After trying to convince her to fall asleep on me I put her back in the play pin and rocked it a little and she passed right out.  

2:55 pm-- Little Miss is ready to eat again

3:45-- I am snuggling a happy little baby when I hear from Eldon's room " mommy I pee". End of nap time for the big 2. I go get Eldon out of his crib so he can go potty and then I go to get Bristol. Only to discover she finally fell asleep 5 minutes before the end of nap time. Oh well I will let her sleep for a little while maybe the grumpies will go away. 

3:50 pm--play time with Brighton and Eldon even though I should be thinking about dinner. 

4:10 pm--  Brighton Nap Time/Daddy's home/Bristol wakes up
Brighton turned into the so we put her down for a nap hoping she sleeps till at least 5:30.  As I am putting Brighton down, Jeremy walks in the door.  Eldon loudly exclaims his excitement over seeing daddy and next thing I know Bristol is walking out of her room.  

4:20 pm--starting dinner.

5:15 pm--Dinner time. 
Once again no picture because I was starving

5:19 pm--Oh look everyone is trying to eat, Brighton wakes back up.

6:09 pm--
I am painting my toe nails and Jeremy is rocking/bouncing Brighton through her fussy time of day. Only 20 more minutes and we can start getting her ready for bed.

6:30 pm-- Time to get ready for bed
Tonight Jeremy gets Brighton into a fresh onesie while I defrost her bottle.  Jeremy will feed her.  We have been trying to give her a bottle around bed time the last 2 nights because I feel like my milk supply isn't enough in the evenings right now.  I get Bristol and Eldon ready for bed, pj's, bible story, and pray.  Then they get a chance to pick up there toys for a little iPad time.   But it is already 6:50 pm and they need to be in bed by 7:20 we shall see if they actually get iPad time because they love to take forever to pick up toys and I am sick of reminding/directing them.  

7:09 pm-- iPad time for the big 2.

7:20 pm-- Lights out.
All 3 kiddos are in bed, lets hope it stays that way.  Sometimes Brighton needs a little extra convincing to fall asleep especially on days when her last 2 naps haven't been good ones.  I shouldn't hear from Brighton again until 6:45-7:30 am.  Which is awesome!   Bristol will start waking up around 5:30 am but she knows that she has to stay in her room until 7:30 am when her dancing cow clock goes off.  

7:30 pm-- Relax
Kiddos are in bed.  I am sitting here hooked up to the milk machine, blogging, and enjoying a delicious piece of banana chocolate bread that Jeremy made me yesterday for my birthday.  

8:20 pm--workout

8:30 pm-- uh oh
8 minutes into my workout Brighton starts screaming.  she has only been asleep for about 30 minutes.   She then proceeded to cry until 12:30 am.  This is totally unlike her.  We have no clue what was going on but she normally eats and goes to sleep for 11 more hours.   Some where in this time frame Jeremy sent me to bed because I was crying from exhaustion and feeling like a failure.  But I got back up an hour later when her screams woke me up.  

1 am-- Bed time FINALLY

Yesterday was a pretty good day.  I feel like Brighton naps a lot less the Bristol and Eldon did at this age.  They both did 3-2 hour naps but I only get one good one with Brighton. I shouldn't complain too much since she sleeps 12 hours at night, except last night.  Last night was horrible.  By the time we crawled in bed both Jeremy and I were emotionally and physically exhausted.  We both were at a loss and felt like huge failures because we couldn't make our little girl happy.   Hopefully tonight will go better because we both need out sleep.

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