Thursday, September 19, 2013


Another Friday is already here.  It was a pretty good week in Bennett land.   Why don't you take a look for yourself.   You can follow along in real time on Instagram @crazyrandombennetts

No, no, no// tulle, lots of tulle//the many smiles of Brighton Ann// my littlest loves

Eldon asked me to play cars with him and then proceeded to tell me "no,no,no" the whole time. I apparently don't know how to play cars and we won't even start on how horrible my car noises are.

I started working on Brighton's crib skirt last week. I am almost done.

Bristol and Eldon have a very special bond. I worried that Brighton would feel left out but she adores Eldon and he adores her. He takes his big brother roll seriously. Like he sometimes freaks out when they are sleeping and makes us come in their room so he can check on her.

Music heaven// hair cut// Morning Joe// it sleeps?

Bristol loves music. The guitar especially. Jeremy pulled his electric out for the first time on Saturday and that girl didn't stop smiling.

My uber girly girl who loves all things cars.

I am a coffee snob. I like my coffee black. I like it strong. I like it to have a really good flavor without any hint of berries. I like my Morning Joe but it is impossible to find. It took us 5 stores and Jeremy bought 2 bags. This should last us a month.  Oh, and it has to be whole bean because the pre-ground stuff tastes completely different.  I told you, I am a snob.  A coffee snob that is.

Sleeping Brighton lasted all of 5 minutes but it was a nice break on a very rough day.

Shot time// bunny feet// granola//big bow

Ugh, shots!   My least favorite thing to do with little ones but we got it done and over with and don't need to go back for 2 months.  We will be going elsewhere.  

I love looking at these little feet in the morning.   Brighton is already growing out of her 3-6 month sleepers.  I really need to pull out the 6 month girl clothes.  

Granola!  I eat so much of this stuff, it can no longer be considered a healthy snack.   I made this batch on Wednesday and here it is Thursday night and we just ran out.    

I couldn't find the black flower headband this morning so I pulled out a big bow.  This was actually a Bristol bow.

weather forecast//Happy place

See that weather?  It is beautiful.   Remember when I complained about the forecast lying here?  Well this isn't a lie. Today is was only 94.

Why did I hate the Ergo before? I mean I took one look at them and decided they weren't for me with Eldon.  But I threw that out the window with Brighton and I absolutely love the thing.  So does Brighton.  She is obsessed and would spend all day in the thing if I let her.   I love it so much, that I will probably included it on my next favorite things post.  We were vacuuming here.   

Well that is all I have for you in phone pictures today.

Do you have any grand plans for the weekend?
We are hanging around the house and I want to finish up a few craft projects.  I have a pallet sitting out back that I am dying to paint and I want to get the tulle bed skirt finished up, so I can finally reveal Brighton and Eldon's finished room.  

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  1. so glad the shots are over! but dreading the next round! and what a good big brother! :)


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