Wednesday, September 18, 2013

DIY Nursing Top

I absolutely hate all nursing bras and nursing camis.  My major complaint against the bras is that they are not supportive in the least bit.  I don't think you get saggy boobs from nursing, I think it is from the horribly unsupportive, one size doesn't fit all, thing you have to wear for however long you choose to nurse.  I recently fixed my problem and converted a regular bra to a nursing bra using this tutorial.  Super easy to do and if you have a nursing bra you hate, do what I did, cut the clips off of it and put it on the non nursing bra.  So along with my hate for the nursing bra, I hate the camis too which I already mentioned.  I have a really long torso so the bra tops never fit me right, normally they hit like mid boob which just isn't attractive and it really uncomfortable.  So after fixing my bra problem I decied to fix the cami problem too.   I looked  on pinterest for a tutorial but they were all for cutting the straps and looping it around your bra and, well, that didn't work for me.  So I decided to make my own tutorial.  Using a Costco cami and the clips from the white nursing top. 

supplies// Cami and Clips

Cut strap long enough on the front to fit around the clip.  I did the clip oppsite of my bra. So on my bra the hook part is on the cup so I put the hook part on the strap and the one with 2 slots on the shirt portion.  This way I can clip the strap onto my bra strap.  

Sew the clip on

repeat on other side

See I just hook my strap to my bra, that way I can still find my strap when I am done.  

Yes I should have used smaller clips but these ones were from my old cami, next time I will order smaller ones.  And yes I used white thread on my nude bra.  I am lazy and hate to change the thread on my machine.

So there you have it, a super easy way to convert any cami into a nursing cami bra top or no bra top.  Now I need to make a black one, want to come change my thread for me?

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