Saturday, September 7, 2013

Bristol Rose, 4 years old

Bristol Rose,
You are 4 years old today.  You bring equal amounts of joy and frustration into our lives.  You are such a creative little kid.  Your imagination is so awesome and I love to hear the stories that you cook up.  I love to watch you sing and dance--it is one of your favorite things too do.  You are such an amazing helper.  I can ask you to do anything for me and you always do it with a smile on your face.  You have a servants heart, you get that from your daddy.  The first year of your life was rough, we were figuring each other out.  You and daddy definitely had your relationship worked out from the get go, but me and you, it took a little longer.  But now I look at you and I see the joy you have when you see me and it makes me almost forget about those times when you cried for Daddy for the whole day.  I love your confidence, I hope you never loose that.  You are a fearless little kid who makes everyone smile.  I love to watch you with Brighton and Eldon, the love shines through even when you are fighting non stop with Eldon.  You were the little kid we never knew we wanted but you are such an amazing blessing.  We love you so much Bristol Rose.



For 40 weeks I was scared to death.  I was scared because I didn't know the first thing about being a dad, much less being a little girl's dad!  But on September 7th of '09, you didn't waste any time letting me know you were confident in me.  Nothing can ever prepare you for a 10 minute old baby looking up and you and seeing them say "daddy!" with their eyes.  I love watching your intrigue as you figure things out for yourself.  I love watching you grow up.  I love watching you love your brother and sister.  I love you so much Bristol Rose!


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  1. so sweet! and the letter from your husband - i love it!


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