Sunday, September 29, 2013

A weekend recap

I was all set to write my usual Instafriday post on Friday, I had the pictures uploaded and everything but then I just couldn't find a positive voice and after Monday and Wednesday's post, I figured you didn't want hear my grumpiness again on Friday and I really didn't want to share it with you.

This weekend didn't start off that great.  Bristol has croup and I am pretty sure Eldon is getting it as well. Which upsets me a little bit because the whole reason we had his adenoids taken out in April was to hopefully leave the allergies and croup behind. No such luck.  Friday Jeremy was checking his work email and got a notice that he is probably going to be furloughed on Tuesday because of this whole budget thing.  I won't get into my view on it because it's not pretty but I feel like his company should have given us more than a couple days notice.   We haven't been affected by the looming government shut downs before so I figured this time was the same... not so much.  Hopefully it doesn't happen. But even if it does happen, I know God has a plan.   I am also kind of surprised that I am not even worried about it really.  Just more annoyed with the whole situation.
Really mom, another picture

Saturday was a good day.  We had to make our biweekly trip to costco.  While we were down there we went to a car show with Jeremy's family. The kiddos had a lot of fun.  They got to play on the huge inflatable slide.  Boy, am I sore from climbing up that thing.

Eldon thinks he is the fresh prince

Bristol wanted to lay down, to bad she didn't take a nap.  Probably a little too much going on for her.

Since we have to drive at least an hour and a half to get anywhere, we thought Brighton could use a few toys for her carseat. 

Today was a wonderful day.  I have mentioned several times that we have never found a church to call home here but thankfully the church we attended in Colorado Springs has the services live on the internet.  So this morning we got to listen to a great message on the core values of the church.   Later on I did a little sewing and got my craft on.  Always a good thing when that happens. Even better, Brighton has FINALLY started to like the swing.  I didn't understand why she hated it so much at first since Bristol and Eldon practically lived in that thing as babies but after 11 long weeks of screaming at it, she has finally realized the beauty that is the swing.  It is wonderful.  It allows me to finally have my alone time back during the big 2's nap/quiet time.

After a really rough week last week, this relaxing, fun weekend was needed.

I cannot believe I do not have one picture of a car from the car show.  Jeremy is really off his game, normally he takes at least 30.

Totally off topic but I think I have settled on a homeschooling curriculum for Bristol this year.  Yep, it is almost October and I am just now getting around to it, but in my defense, I was a little busy with a newborn in July and August.  I think we are going to the Abeka video K4 program.   After a long talk with my mother in law on what she thinks we should do, we decided to try K4.   And then later in the year we will decided if we are going to move on to kindergarten next year or if we will just redo K4 since she misses the cut off date for kindergarten by 4 days.  Oh, and can I just mention that like the bad mom that I am, I wasn't really planning on doing school this year since we are still trying to adjust to Brighton but Bristol has been asking to do school work everyday so I finally gave in.  And with the Abeka program, I don't have to do any of the planning, which I love.

Now Jeremy and I are going to watch movie for a little date night at the house.  Hopefully it is better than our last movie night where we watched, GI Joe 2.  Which sucked.  Such a let down.  Edit: this one sucked so bad we turned it off and put in an Adam Sandler movie.

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun?

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  1. I didn't know you were planning to homeschool! I probably missed that somewhere... :-S Are you planning to for the long haul, or one year at a time? My older kids are both summer birthdays, so we waited for Kindergarten, even though with homeschooling, they don't technically have to be in a certain grade. But we call our 7 year old 1st grade, and our 5 year old pre-k.


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