Monday, September 16, 2013

A birthday celebration

It all started Friday, when a box from her Aunt Hilary arrived.  

Someone was very excited about her Princess dress up costumes. 

After the kiddos went to bed, we decorated the hallway leading to her bedroom.  

Mommy was lazy this year and we had a cake made of donuts.  It was a hardship for Bristol, can't you tell?

Sunday, bright and early, we got in the car to make the 3 hour trek to Manhattan Beach.   The kiddos had a blast.  Eldon even surprised us all by getting in the water.   I personally thought is was freezing and wore my sweater all day.  

After a wonderful, delicious dinner at Cafe Rio and desert at Yogurtland, we headed down to Del Mar for the night.   A hotel with 3 children meant that no one went to bed before 10 and everyone was up by 5:30 am. 

After breakfast at the hotel we headed for the San Diego Zoo.  

I wish I had gotten more pictures of our time at the zoo but I was really sick and the kids just kind of drug me through the park.  I also really wish we had gotten a picture of Jeremy and I with the birthday girl.  

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