Friday, September 13, 2013

2 months old


You are such a smiley Little Miss sometimes. I feel like this week we are FINALLY finding our groove. Mommy took care of her supply issues and you have started to accept that naps are a way of life. Well, except when the big 2 feel the need to wake you up from your nap early.  Then you usually finish it out in the ergo while mommy does her housework. We are clicking little one. I love seeing you happy again. I love getting to play on the floor instead of us walking around while you scream because nothing is making you happy. Hopefully this is it.

Last night as I sat there burping you I was praying for you to be strong and confident in who you are as you grow up. Then I starting thinking that I would rather have you be strong and confident in God, in how He created you because He knew exactly what He was doing.

I also just sat there rocking you after you had fallen asleep. Enjoying you, praying for you and our little family, smiling but at the same time thinking about the 2 babies who didn't get to join us here on earth. I love you Little Miss, I am so thankful that you fought so hard to come into this world, that you fought to stay in my belly. You may make me crazy some days, but what can I expect, you are a fighter.  You do things your own way and for that I am grateful.

2 fun things about you:
--You sleep almost 12 hours every night. We start our last feeding at 6:30, you are usually in bed by 7:30 and I normally start hearing from you around 7:10/7:20 am. Some nights you very but if we make sure to get your belly nice and full, we don't have problems. 

--You are cooing up a storm. In fact I need to write that on the calendar.
These first 2 months have gone by quick and I am doing everything possible to soak them up. Even when they look like this!
Think she was mad I forgot the bow?

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  1. happy two months!! she looks so tiny on your big bed! i love her hair! and please remind me how you got her sleeping that long :) we got 7 hours once last week - i couldn't believe it. most nights we get one 5 hour stretch!


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