Monday, August 12, 2013

Ramblings of a bored stay at home mom....

I honestly didn't even think about blogging last night, well that is a lie I thought about it on the way home but it was 9pm and we were still about 40 minutes from home.  I knew I could write it in the car, and I did, but the iPad ate it, but then when we got home I would have to upload pictures and then get Jeremy to proof it and, well, I was tired.  We also had to unload everything from Costco and Target plus we stayed the night at my in laws so we had half our house with us and that all had to make its way in.    Yep so my super long explanation is I wanted to blog but I was to lazy.  Good excuse, right?

Today I am trying to get everything put away, take care of 3 kids, figure out what we are having for dinner, hopefully run the vacuum cleaner, and well, instead of doing all of that I am sitting on the couch drinking sipping my coffee and blogging.  I predict my list will still be a mile long come bed time.

My latte taste a little watery which is weird but it is probably because Jeremy switched us over to fat free milk.   Oh well, I will get used to it.

Saturday my mother in law and sister in law watched Bristol and Eldon so Jeremy and I plus Brighton could get a few errands done and enjoy a nice quiet lunch together.   There was a little bit of Target involved, a wonderful lunch at Bj's and we went into Buy Buy Baby for the first time.   Which, if you are looking for a car seat other than Graco and Britax and want to see it in person, Buy Buy Baby is the place to go.  The had a huge selection of infant car seats that most stores only offer online.  Not that we were in the market for an infant car seat since we already have one but it was cool to see some of the brands I have wondered about before.   Our main reason for going into the store was to get a car seat wedge to help level out Brighton's car seat but they actually didn't have what Jeremy was looking for. However, as usual, I found a few things I loved.  I got to try out the Ergo baby carrier with Brighton and I was surprised that I liked it, a lot.  They always seemed so bulky so I really didn't want one with Eldon but now I wish I had one then.  With Bristol I had a Moby that we both loved but Eldon hated it so I gave it away.  Anyways, I did end up getting an Ergo and it saved my butt this morning during Breakfast time.  I got mine from Tj Maxx which was awesome because I got a brand new one for the same price as used ones on eBay.

My birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I have been trying to decide what to ask for.  For the last few weeks I was pretty sure I was going to ask for a camera bag/purse if anyone asked what I wanted because I always have my DSRL camera with me and I hate that I just throw it in whatever bag I am using and it gets abused.  So I have been wanting to upgrade and I figured I would just get a camera bag that was big enough to act as a diaper bag.   I really love this one and had even showed it to Jeremy a few times.  But here is the thing; I have a diaper bag the same size as that camera bag and unfortunately it is just too small for 3 kids plus all of my stuff.   So I got to thinking about finding a really nice BIG diaper bag that I could still carry everything in, and then I would just get a case the would fit in the bag for my camera. So while at Buy Buy Baby I was looking at their diaper bags and I found this one.
found here
I fell in love.  It was huge, looked nothing like a diaper bag, and it had a cross body strap along with shoulder straps.  Perfection.  Except the price.  I didn't think Jeremy would ever go for spending $160 on a diaper bag especially since this is our 3rd kid.   I showed it to him but I really didn't think I would ever get one unless I could find a used one on eBay for half the price.   So while I was at TJ Maxx on Sunday getting an Ergo, I saw the exact bag I wanted in a color I loved even more.  I mentioned it once again to Jeremy thinking that maybe it was more of a possibility because it was $50 off.  He said well what about that for your birthday?   I was like, really, are you sure.  He said we will discuss it later on our way back to the store to get it.
Isn't it pretty?  It is all mine.  And seriously I love it so much that I plan to use it even after Brighton is potty trained and I no longer have to drag half the house around with me.   Plus it came with a bunch of extra stuff like a wet bag, changing pad, clutch, and stroller hooks which is just plain awesome.  And I love the rich brown color.  

I order a steak or burger almost every time we go out.  I love my beef.  Jeremy on the other hand usually orders a salad or something like a greek pizza but, with out fail, every time they bring the food to the table they give my burger to Jeremy and give me the salad.  While there is nothing wrong with salad I just don't consider it a meal especially when we are eating out and I want something that we don't eat every day.  

Mmm you have been missed.  

I couldn't find my phone last night.  Yeah, it was next to Brighton so she could listen to music.  When we were at the beach I asked Jeremy where Eldon was, yeah he was on my hip.   My brain will come back soon right?

Brighton's pacifier is Boondocks by Little Big Town.  It is the only song that will calm her down in the car.

Can you believe Brighton is 1 month old today? It is complete craziness to me.

Well I started this blog this a.m. and as soon as I got ready to finish it up Brighton woke up.  So we have been hanging out in the Ergo pretty much all day.  I think she is going through holding withdraws since Grandma and Aunt Serena held her all weekend.

How I made breakfast

How I hung the laundry.  

Don't we look cozy?

I really need to run to staples to buy sticker paper so I can take Brighton's monthly photo.  But I will have wait until Jeremy is home and he can hang out with the 3 kiddos.

Well I think that is all the boringness I have for you today.  Actually I know there were other things I wanted to say but my brain has been eaten by 3 little ones so I forgot.

Now I am going to feed Little Miss and hopefully we will get in a quick nap before the big 2 get up.

Happy Monday!

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