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I love these little Friday, well, late Thursday night phone dumps. They remind me of all the little moments. Right now I am typing this one handed on the iPad while rocking a Little Miss. She has been in extreme cuddle mode today which isn't a bad thing but it has really made me wish I had gotten an Ergo or Beco carrier this time because sometimes I just need my hands free.

Today was a rough one. Bristol and Eldon are starting to have family growing pains. Now that they are alone with me for most of the day and I am feeding Brighton for a good part of that time they realize mommy is a little out numbered and can't always come right when they need me. It's been rough and I am struggling with showing them the amount of attention they need. I know we will all adjust soon but today was just one of those days. Thankfully we will be seeing my in laws this weekend and they will be able to pick up a little bit of slack.

But let's get onto the real reason we are all here; the instagrams...
3 weeks old. Well this picture is from last Friday. She is 4 weeks old today. Not sure how I feel about this.  

Bristol ran into target with me Saturday on our way to the beach, she asked if she could get these dollar spot sun glasses.  Who could say no to these awesome things?

Sitting on Jeremy's aunt and uncle's beach front porch. It was a beautiful evening.  The view wasn't to bad either. 

This kid and his hats. 

I love our espresso maker. I was needing my coffee this morning, well, every morning with a 4 week old.

Um, my baby sprinkle was in June and I am just getting to the thank you cards. I am a slacker. They are all written, I just need addresses at this point.
Winter hat + otter pop=totally normal 
Now I want an otter pop.

I couldn't find Eldon this morning and he was being really quiet. I was SCARED. Finally found him under Brighton's crib playing with his cars. I asked him what he was doing "I hide seek". I guess big sissy forgot to find him... or not.
This morning Brighton started her day at 6 am which is normally the time I am fighting with my alarm clock about getting out of bed. Then by 6:30 I drag myself into the shower and proceed to try and wake up so that by the time Brighton wakes up at 7-7:30 I am at least a little bit alert but this morning she decided to do things different. I may have sat in the chair, slept, and snuggled her for a little while before taking my shower.
1.  Look at that head!
2.  Hanging out with mommy 
3.  I love seeing evidence of my little dude everywhere
4.  Hanging out in the garage for the first time while I was getting ice cream with the big 2.  

Brighton has been fighting a diaper rash since she was born. It doesn't help that she probably inherited my sensitive skin and I have also been on antibiotics for the majority of the weeks since her birth. Whatever it is I am sick of putting tubes of diaper cream on her and it not getting better so I pulled out the cloth diapers today. Normally I like to wait until the 3 month mark but if it will cure the rash I am willing to start now. So today I washed and sunned them and she is currently sleeping in a cloth. Its kind of a funny sight because the diaper is so big and bulky compared to her not so little body but I am hoping we see an improvement in the morning.

So there you have it a week full of Brighton, Eldon, and Bristol.  A day at the beach. A little bit of my morning coffee. And some really late thank you notes that would probably make all the etiquette queens out there furious for their tardiness but I am cool with that.  

Do you enjoy capturing lives little moments via Instagram?

Any fun plans this weekend?  We are heading down south to hang out with my in laws.  My sister in law returns to Maryland this week so we want to see her one last time before she heads out.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Your kids are so cute. And, Brighton.. oh my, precious! There's just nothing like a newborn. All of those firsts. Adjusting is so difficult, but you're right, in time it'll happen and you'll all be good to go. Found you through instafriday. :) Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Precious, precious children!!!! Love the hats, the glasses and the sweet newbornness!

  3. Brighton is SOOO cute! and her head is so strong! you are super woman! i don't know how you do it with three kids and still taking a shower! :) and blogging!! way to go!


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