Thursday, August 29, 2013


Everyone keeps talking about how this weekend brings in maybe everywhere else but not in the desert. To me it means my birthday is coming!  Yay for Tuesday.    4 days later Bristol Rose will be 4. Yikes! Where has the time gone. I am all cool with her growing up but at this pace the next time I blink she will be 16.

Brighton is going on night 2 in the crib. It is so nice to not worry about waking the sleeping baby although Eldon wasn't too concerned about it last night when they were going to sleep.

Note I didn't complain about the heat like I did on Tuesday or like I did once again yesterday.  But you know, now that I mentioned it, never mind.

Now that I rambled on a bit, where was I?  Oh yes, lets look at some instagrams to see what we were up to this week.  I am betting there are a lot of pictures of Little Miss.   Follow along @crazyrandombennetts
Oh look I am 6 weeks old!  Mommy, DON'T blink!

Last Friday Little Miss turned 6 weeks old that means tomorrow she will be 7 weeks old.   7 weeks since our cute little dictator decided to make her dramatic entrance into the world.  

Oh boy does this little girl have us wrapped around her fingers.   This particular night she just wouldn't settle.  So Jeremy rocked her.  I went in to offer to feed her again and he said give me 10 more minutes.  30 minutes later no noise for either Brighton or Jeremy and this is what I found.  

My tongue!  I have a tongue!

She seems so big to me.  She never really did have that tiny newborn-ness.  

Before Wednesday it had been at least 6 weeks since I sat down for bible time.   It was LONG overdue.  

90 degrees in our house and the kids have on winter hats.  They are very confused.  

Oh look the cute little dictator is napping.  This was on Wednesday.  It was a bad day.  I commented on Instagram that she was just recharging her vocal cords.  Boy was I right.

Mmm, homemade granola.  
It was so yummy, I have eaten way more than necessary. 

Well that was our week in phone pics.  We need a more adventurous life!

There are no exciting plans around these parts, just staying at home.  Which is about as fun as it sounds.   Do you have any great plans for this weekend?

I think next week I am going to do a day in our life post because I want to be able to look back and see how it was.  I was reading through the archives trying to see what Eldon's schedule was like at this point and I never mentioned it.

Yep that's all I have tonight.

Happy Friday! 

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  1. i forgot that they are just one day apart! i feel like addilyn was never really new born looking either - she is so big too!


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