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Here we are, another Friday, so that means its time for my weekly phone dump. You can totally follow along with me in real time @crazyrandombennetts.

We started Little Miss on a bottle last Friday since she hit the 2 week mark. As I mentioned here I am not impressed with these Tommee Tippee bottles, so I ended up ordering the bottles I used with the big 2 off of They got here yesterday but I haven't had a chance to give her one since I currently have mastitis and feel like I have been run over by a train or several trains for that matter. Here is to hoping the antibiotics kick in fast because I am so over being less than 100%.

We got brave and took all 3 kids to the grocery store. We shall call it a success because we got out of there without any meltdowns, the big 2 did so well I rewarded them with M&M's.

A few weeks ago, Bristol told me she was drawing a cat. I looked over to see that she had really drawn a cat! I am basis but I think this is a pretty impressive cat for an almost 4 year old. 

Yikes did I really type that my Fussy Girl will be 4 soon. Only 1 more month. Maybe I should really start thinking about what we are going to do for her party. 

Okay where was I? Oh that is right...

This kid and her crazy picture face these days! She was so upset that she didn't get to give Brighton her first bottle, so on Saturday I made sure she could feed her. 

I love my baby snuggles... a little too much!

The big 2 thought Brighton needed everyone of her toys to play with, while she was sleeping. 

Watching the big 2 swim is exhausting work. 

Swimming at Aunt Cindy's house. 

Bristol is getting so good at swimming, I think if we had a pool she would no longer need her floaties or puddle jumper because she is so interested in learning how to do it herself.

This girl! She is impossible to wake up sometimes. You better believe when she is ready to eat she will scream at you and act like you made her wait more than a minute but when you want her to spend a little time awake so she will sleep more during the night, she will fight you all the way. I even resorted to making her do tummy time to wake her up, instead she pulled her knees and arms in and went right back to sleep. 

Someone missed their daddy while he was at work.

This has become my favorite picture so far. It is a prefect picture of who my kiddos are. Eldon has his thumb in his mouth and hand in hair, Brighton is laying there without a care in the world, and Bristol is all look at me and my big cheesy smile. 

This is now the background on my phone.

My feet swelled up so bad the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy that I could no longer fit them into Tom's and sure enough they kept there swollness for the last couple for weeks as well. Wednesday was the first time I could get them back on and I seriously missed them.

My sister took the big 2 out for ice cream Wednesday night, I tagged along. Daddy kept Brighton at home and they hung out in the garage. 

Brighton squeezed her little 10 pound body in to the newborn onesie that big sissy decorated at my baby sprinkle.  Which reminds me, I really need to get my thank you cards in the mail.  

Well I think that is all I have for you this Friday. Once again it is heavy on the baby, but I am hoping that you will over look that because she is so darn cute.

We are headed to the beach tomorrow for a family get together. Can you believe this is our first time taking the kiddos to the beach? Considering we have been back in California for almost 2 years it seems like it is way over due!

Any fun plans happening for you this weekend? 

Happy Friday!

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  1. I love that pictire of her sleeping on her tummy! That facial expression is too cute and love her headbands!


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