Thursday, August 15, 2013

Instafriday: Ergo, Hamburgers, and working out

I came to the realization this morning that I am expecting too much too soon out of myself.   Just because I am feeling better and Brighton is sleeping through the night doesn't mean everything else is going to fall into place.  I have 4 less hours in the day now that I am breastfeeding but I am still trying to do everything that I did before, and that will come... with time.  But for now I just need to cut myself some slack.  And I need to realize that I have an amazing husband who, even though he was working on a side job in the garage until midnight, will come in the house and clean the kitchen up and pick up the living room because he knows just how much I need it.  He will also tell me how thankful he is that I do the laundry even if that is all I get done these days.  God provided me with an amazing other half who always steps in when I need it the most so I just need to chill.

What is amazing about that is it worked just like it always does.  Once I stopped worrying/stressing about my house everything fell into place.  I actually was able to vacuum up the living room, put away dishes, and get all the laundry done. Too bad it all starts again tomorrow.

Last week  I had made the comment that I really wish I had gotten an Ergo or Beco carrier because Brighton was insisting on being held.  Well, as I mentioned Monday, I did end up getting one.  Best $$ I have spent in a long time.  That thing has saved my butt so many times this week and it is only Thursday night.  Basically I have used it none stop.  My stroller will still be my go to when we are out and about because the Ergo doesn't exactly let you move any which way you might need to move which is essential with the big 2, but it is perfect for around the house when Little Miss doesn't want to be put down yet when I need to hang laundry, make lunch, or fold the endless laundry we have around our house.
As you can see I am using it a lot.  We send regular photo updates to daddy.  Oh and that first picture on the left is how she will insist on being held when not in the Ergo.  I am pretty sure she has reflux but it isn't as bad as Eldon's was so I am holding out on going to the doctor for it.  But if things do get worse or I can't get her to settle down eventually like I can now, we will see what the doctor has to say.  

Now onto the rest of what my phone says we did this week...  Seriously it has a better memory than me.  You can follow me in real time @crazyrandombennetts
Yes, I know I already showed you this picture on Monday but it looks yummy.   I love me some Bj's hamburgers.  

Yep, showed you this one on Monday as well but I think I should share it again.  Doesn't it make you want froyo?

The caption on this one was "I slept for 11 hours last night!  Mommy says I am forgiven for puking down her shirt yesterday."  This has been a pretty consistent pattern around here.  In fact, last night she made it a full 12 hours, which means I got 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep.  I feel amazing.  Hopefully she keeps up this awesome streak so we can move her into the crib in Eldon's room.  

99.9% of the time Bristol is a huge help with Brighton.  I can ask her to get a burp cloth, grab the boppy, or play with Brighton, and she will even make the bouncy chair bounce if I need her too.  She loves to hold her and give her a bottle. Oh and squeak the ever annoying Sophie.  

Friday night I started doing Barre 3 again just like I planned.  By Sunday morning I could barely move my arms and it hurt, in the good way, to walk from working out.  I was actually thinking right before I started that I needed to get heavier arm weights than 2lbs so I would get a better work out... haha.  Those 2 pounders kicked my butt!

3 outfits in 1 day!   She peed on the first one and puked all over the 2nd one.   Thankfully I had about 5 headband options in my bag so we were never without our head wear.  

Eldon dressed himself, and while this would usually drive me insane, I decided to just run with it.  Want to know why?  Well, I will tell you.  Because I didn't have to do it and I wasn't redoing it.  

On Monday Brighton was 1 month old.  This is going by way to fast.  

Meet the espresso maker.
I was steaming my milk but not holding onto the cup, yeah bad idea.  The cup tipped over some how and milk went everywhere.  I wanted to cry but didn't because I had just enough milk left over to make myself another latte...the kids may or may not have had to drink water with breakfast.

I love this first pose.  It totally reminds me of something I would do if you tried to wake me up.  This kid will not wake up for anything, unless it is her idea.  

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  1. You are so lucky to have such a good helper!

  2. i can't wait for some longer hours of sleep! my baby went almost 5 hours last night and it was wonderful!!!! she is so cute - i love that last outfit. i'm so thankful for our carrier/wrap. I use it a lot!


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