Thursday, August 22, 2013

Instafriday: Cookies and Kiddo's

This week was a slow one. Normally I can't believe it is Friday but Friday took forever this week. It seemed like a really hard week but looking back over these pictures I realize we had just as many good moments as the bad ones.  I would love for you to follow along on instagram @crazyrandombennetts  

She was refusing to nap.  So I put Little Big Town's Boondocks on and she passed right out.  It is a beautiful thing.

I am so in love with this little girl. She was peacefully sleeping in her Ergo after screaming about having to take a nap on her own. 

5 weeks old last Friday. I am having a hard time believing we hit the 6 week mark tomorrow.  We are kicking her out of room sometime this weekend, she gets to go into the crib in Eldon's room.  This is a good thing because mommy and daddy tend to accidentally wake her up in the morning but I will miss rolling out of bed to feed her.  Now I will have to walk across the hall.  

The are still in love with Brighton. 

She was not thrilled about the bow.  And yes the outfit is a set.  

I mowed the grass Sunday.  And I didn't mind it.  Seriously I would much rather do this than house work because I can see the fruits of my labor for much longer.  Am I the only crazy one out there? Oh and I was trying to get rid of my weird beach dress tan line. 

Another kiddo who doesn't look like she belongs to me.  Her eyes already look like they are going to be green or brown there is really no blue to them at all.  

P.S. personally I think all newborns look like wrinkly,angry little red things.  I have never been able to look at one of my babies until around the 6 month mark and actually see one of us.   

Trying to get back to clean eating, it is super hard after eating so many baked goods for 9 months.   This is one of my favorite clean eating lunches.  A sweet potato with a side of fruit.  Sometimes I get crazy and throw in hummus and carrots.  Anyone else find it really hard to get back on track after months of not caring?  

My girls

Bristol loves music, like seriously, this kid is singing and play her keyboard all day long.  Apparently since we haven't gotten  her a guitar yet she felt that the vacuum would make a good substitute.  

The Bennett Chariot.   

This stroller is the best $$$ I have spent in a long time.  I am so glad Jeremy let me splurge on it.  If you are pregnant with your first and plan to have more that one I highly suggest it because it grows so easily with your family and it is super easy to maneuver even with the weight of 3 children.  

This is all my mother-in-law's fault.  See, a few weeks back, she made these delicious cookie dough bites, like, oh my goodness they we so good.  I ate a lot of them.    I have been craving them ever since.  So when the kiddos were asking if we could go get ice cream I suggested this instead all so I could eat the stinkin cookie dough.  Yeah, this has nothing to do with clean eating!   

Well that was our week.  It was a rough one but we are finally starting to figure out what works for Brighton which is wonderful because it allowed me to get caught up on house work and be able to relax with out stressing about it.  

How was your week?  Anyone else feel like it dragged?

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  1. Your new sweet girl is precious! Our 11week old is sleeping pretty well as I'm wondering when she'll make the transition to the nursery with Sissy. She's sleeping pretty well next to our bed, but Mama gets woken up with her snoring and grunting :)

  2. She looks so adorable and is growing so fast! Love the bows and headbands! :)

  3. i love her headbands! and that picture of all three of them laying on the floor is so cute!! good luck putting her in the other room!!


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