Thursday, August 15, 2013

Brighton's newborn pictures

One thing I was really having a hard time with these last few months was picking out a photographer to do Brighton Ann's pictures.  I found several who were wonderful but I was having a hard time committing.   I really just wanted our old photographer in Colorado to do our pictures, just like she had been doing since Bristol was 7 months old but there were a few problems with that plan the main one being that she was in Colorado and we are here.  So I let go and started contacting picture people.  My sister in law mentioned Erica Stephens Photography to me.  After browsing her Facebook page I contacted her and we started the planning process.  When Brighton was 13 days old we got her newborn pictures done.  

Here are a few of my favorites.  

There is something so simple yet perfect about this picture.  I feel at peace when I look at it.  

I wasn't sure he was going to cooperate because when the photographer walked in the door he got all shy and hid behind my legs.  This was a first.  

She was doing this weird grin the whole time, I think it is a perfect picture of her almost 4 year oldness.  

I LOVE this picture!   

And this one

Look how not-so-tiny she was. 

I have to be completely honest, I have a hard time with this picture.  Everyone but me looks awesome.  All I can see is how bad the Bells Palsy was.   I am trying to love it because it is a family picture and how often do you actually get one where everyone is looking at the camera but then my vain side takes over.   And when that happens all I can think is, Savanna do you really want your daughters to have that same attitude.  The truth is no I don't.  I want them to know they are beautiful because the are God's children.  That beauty comes from within.  That is okay to want to look your best but when you look at a picture where you are not so perfect and all you want to do is delete it that you have let your looks start to matter a little too much.   Finding that perfect balance is hard but it is something I want to do.  I want to find a way to model that its okay to take care of yourself but make sure that all the really matters is how God sees you because at the end of the day, His opinion is the one that counts.  
If you are in the Lancaster area you should totally check out Erica Stephens Photography.  She did an amazing job of capturing our not-so-little family.

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